Missing Dog Near Laguna

Osa is medium size dog around 30 lbs who bolted when she was being taken to Adobe Hospital 2/2 on State Street for jaw surgery.

She looks like a small fox.  She is shy and will run, but she was a sweet pet.  She was in the San Roque area for a while and was last spotted on the corner of Pedragosa and Laguna St.
We were able to feed her but then she was spooked and ran.  We have not seen her since.  Many times lost and by now, weak dogs will curl up under a shrub or in another hiding place, often a couple of feet away from where you are looking.

We need the community in the lower Riviera and around Garden St to look in their yards under shrubs and back of building where she could hide.  This is the only way she will be recovered at this point.

Any sightings can call Doggie Boot Camp owner Joe Martinez at 805 3318834. Or Lesley with Aussie Rescue at 805 450 0070


Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff


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