Santa Barbara-based Mindblown Travel LLC, a full service travel agency, offers curated, life affirming, TRAVEL FOR A CAUSE; Experiences and Volunteer Opportunities That Will Fill Your Heart and Blow Your Mind!

By Mindblown Travel

As the world opens up again to leisure travel after years of wanderlust, denied by the pandemic, people are yearning to do something different by investing in real, meaningful experiences. Discerning travelers seek unique situations that expand the mind, delight the senses and form happy memories while benefitting the local communities they visit. What’s trending is journeying to distant lands to become immersed in the culture and connect with the people whose lives are vastly different from our own. This kind of travel is good medicine. It enlightens the heart, soul and mind. It make an indelible impact on travelers; it gives them the opportunity to see the world and do good in it when and where possible. Mindblown Travel LLC (MBT), a new Santa Barbara-based global concierge travel service, has been established to design curated, life-changing journeys for every taste and budget. Trips are tailored to match clients’ curiosity, appeal to their passion for adventure and their desire to give back to those in need.

The full service travel agency, whose motto is “Life Affirming Travel and Volunteerism,” is an affiliate of the prestigious Santa Barbara Travel Bureau. The family owned business has over 75 years of expertise in the travel industry. This allows MBT the memberships to access the finest luxury travel deals around the globe. Outstanding benefits of planning travel with MBT include personalized planning; contracted rates lower than published or on travel apps; perks, privileges, exclusive memberships and VIP upgrades you can’t get on your own from hotel room upgrades. In addition, travel advisors have you covered in the case of last-minute cancellations, border closures, or unexpected changes, which offers the traveler peace of mind. MBT operates a 24/7 After Hours Emergency Support 800 phone number. The agency offers travel insurance that protects you and your investment – including health coverage and emergency evacuation. Clients are provided the benefit of cost transparency. The bureau prepares an itemized document that illustrates the breakdown of their expenses and cost savings. An added bonus is they can still use their frequent flyer miles and travel points.

According to Rob Williams, CEO, “At Mindblown Travel we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joys and rewards of ‘voluntourism.’ That’s why we offer a range of curated trips to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for a short-term trip or a longer immersion program, we have options to fit your needs and your wallet. Our trips range from basic and affordable to ultra-luxurious, with a variety of accommodations and experiences to choose from. No matter your budget, you can be confident that you’ll be making a meaningful impact on the community you’re visiting and having an incredible travel experience.”

When asked what sets his travel agency apart, Williams says, “All of our volunteer opportunities and guides are personally known and vetted by us. I’m also available to go as an escort for travelers who might not want to travel alone. There is nothing more exciting than accompanying someone on an adventure of a lifetime.”

Williams shares that the vision for Mindblown Travel “was born from the contacts and friendships I developed through, a non-profit organization I founded. We worked in 22 countries. The agency combines my love of travel with philanthropy. A portion of each trip booked with Mindblown Travel supports a known and vetted cause.”

Volunteerism opportunities offered by Mindblown Travel across the globe include:

· India: Volunteer in a small school in a remote village or teach English in the largest slum in Mumbai.
· Costa Rica: Turtle eco project, stray animal care or food support programs for locals.
· Africa: Volunteer at a home for children with disabilities.

The agency’s offerings will appeal to families; high school students fulfilling their community service requirement; gap year students; solo travelers; retirees; service groups and seasoned and novice travelers.

For more information on MBT’s featured travel experiences in 2023, visit or contact Rob at (805) 637-5699, or You can also book a complimentary Zoom consultation with Rob to explore designing your own adventure of a lifetime.



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