Local Dog Trainer Joins Project tRade to Promote the Use of Force-free Pet Equipment

Source: The Inquisitive Canine

Santa Barbara-based dog trainer and innovator Joan Hunter Mayer of The Inquisitive Canine and founder of TransPaw Gear pet product company is proudly participating in Project tRade, which asks pet guardians to “swap gear to make a kinder world for pets.” Project tRade is the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) international advocacy program that promotes the use of force-free pet equipment by offering trade-in incentives for aversive pet gear.

The foundation of Mayer’s work as a certified dog trainer is to educate dog guardians on how they can easily use humane, force-free training methods with their dogs for a safe, strong, sustainable bond based on love and trust. She is continually working to raise awareness and be part of this cultural shift. While in her MBA program at Antioch University Santa Barbara, she designed and developed a humane dog harness to further support her mission. The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness is a force-free pet harness designed and built on the foundation of her humane training and dog parenting philosophy.

“I partnered with PPG and their Project tRade program because it focuses on helping dogs and their guardians, providing a solution that is incompatible with training with force, fear or pain.” said Mayer. Project tRade is perfect for pet parents who want to swap out training gear that is designed to change behavior or care for pets through correction or punishment. The program accepts as trade-ins: choke collars, prong collars, shock collars (aka: e-collars — not to be confused with Elizabethan collars), electronic boundary collars and electronic anti-bark collars. According to Mayer, “Some people had chosen those types of collars because they were having issues with walking their dogs. However, now we know that techniques and tools that simply suppress unwanted behaviors (focusing on ‘correcting’ what you don’t want) have physical, emotional and behavioral side-effects that are just too risky. So, we offer equipment and guidance to help dog guardians reach their training goals effectively without risking harm to their pets. Some will need new, functional and humane walking equipment, which is why I am offering specials on both the harness and my services. I want to set everyone up for success!”

Joan invites pet parents to join her work in this trailblazing trade-in project. Her trade-in incentives include a 15% discount on the Happy Harness 2.0* and/or 5% off a “Leash Walking and More” training package, which is three training sessions (in person, online or a combination).

*15% coupon max per person per order, no matter how many items are traded in.
You can contact Joan via her website www.inquisitivecanine.com to find out more.

About Joan Hunter Mayer
Joan Hunter Mayer is a Santa Barbara-based certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant dedicated to teaching skills that enhance the dog-human bond. As owner of The Inquisitive Canine, she is devoted to offering humane, pawsitive, practical solutions that work for the challenges dogs and their humans face in everyday life. The TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness is a force-free pet harness designed to empower pets and people to unleash adventures and harness fun together! Mayer completed her MBA through Antioch University Santa Barbara and is a graduate of Women’s Economic Venture’s (WEV) Thrive Program. Learn more about Joan and her work at https://inquisitivecanine.com/ and https://transpawgear.com/.


Written by Joan the Dog Coach

Joan Hunter Mayer is a certified canine behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer who founded "The Inquisitive Canine." More information can be found at inquisitivecanine.com.


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