Individualized Educational Services’ Summer 2023 ADVANCE! & Test Prep

Are You Ready to ADVANCE!?

Every student can use some time to ADVANCE! IES has taken the best of our curricula and best teaching strategies to help with ADVAnced ENRichment & Coaching Empowerment! Our summer classes help reteach misunderstood concepts in a easy to understand way and then extend the concepts to higher levels of applications for next fall’s classes.

Students of all levels will find success and challenge to bring a high purpose for their summer schedules!

Our classes are built from the ground up with universal access so students of all learning styles are able to comprehend and master skills. We do this by providing thoughtful, engaging lessons with as much multi-modality input as we possibly can!

Classes meet 5 Days a week starting July 10 and End August 11. Join us for all five weeks, or one week at a time!

Classes Start at $140/ week with multi-class and locals discount!

Summer 2023 ADVANCE!


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