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  • Restaurant Gauntlet: Who's Coming and Going

    Four local restaurants in Santa Barbara have closed their doors while others aim to shake things up and bring new life to downtown.

  • District Attorney Sues Fire Protection Company for Allegedly Misleading Consumers

    Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley filed an enforcement action against Sun FireDefense for misleading consumers about their product's fire prevention effectiveness.

  • La Cocina Opens with Focus on Historical Cuisine

    Restaurant Review: La Cocina offers a unique menu inspired by indigenous foods of the Central Coast with Santa Barbara's Meso-American heritage.

  • Santa Barbara City Council Talks Changes After Releasing Downtown Report

    Santa Barbara City Council discussed changes to the downtown area in a packed meeting Thursday following the release of a revitalization report. 

  • Santa Barbara Restaurants Snubbed by Michelin in New California Guide

    The coveted Michelin Guide stars were announced in a new guide of California and Santa Barbara restaurants fell behind earning zero stars.

  • New Artisanal Coffee Roaster to Open in Montecito

    Caffe Luxxe is hosting a grand opening with free espresso beverages all day in the Montecito Country Mart on Saturday.

  • Satanic Documentary Shown at Local Theatre Ruffles Religious Feathers

    A new documentary exploring the Satanic Temple and its followers has debuted at the Riviera Theatre, much to the dismay of a local religious leader.

  • Handlebar Coffee Launches CBD-Infused Cold Brew

    Handlebar Coffee Roasters partnered with Sugar Mill Farms to release a CBD-infused Cold Brew Beverage at the Earth Day Festival this weekend.

  • Santa Barbara's Weather Will Resemble Glendale by 2080

    A new scientific study reports Santa Barbara's climate in 2080 will feel most like today's climate near Glendale, California.

  • Film Review: Tell it to the Bees

    Set in rural post-WWII Scotland, "Tell it to the Bees" depicts a forbidden love story and rebirth between two women.

  • Melissa McCarthy Brings Laughs and Love to Santa Barbara

    Actress Melissa McCarthy arrived at the sold-out Arlington Theater to receive the Montecito Award on Sunday evening.

  • Screenwriters Take the Stage at Santa Barbara Film Festival

    This past year's most decorated screenwriters converged for the Screenwriting Panel at the Santa Barbara Film Festival Saturday afternoon.

  • Film Review: The Bird Catcher

    "The Bird Catcher" is a WWII drama that depicts some of the lesser-known stories of Norwegian Jews through the eyes of a young girl trying to survive.

  • Film Review: Angel Face ('Gueule d'ange')

    Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard provides an exemplary performance in "Angel Face" only to be outshined by her 8-year-old costar Ayline Aksoy-Etaix.

  • Students Protest Racism While Pledge of Allegiance Gains Attention at SBCC Board Meeting

    Santa Barbara City College students led a powerful protest during a Board of Trustees meeting last week, while the Pledge of Allegiance became a National talking point.

  • New Year's Resolutions Poll

    What are your resolutions for 2019? Take our edhat poll.

  • Local Musician Discusses Release of New Album

    Local musician Conner Cherland is preparing for the release of his new album and sat down with edhat to chat music, love, and weird dreams.

  • The Laying Down of Blankets: Where Santa Barbara Civility Goes to Die

    Concerts in the Park is a summer staple in Santa Barbara, but reserving blanket space feels like running with the bulls.

  • Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network Barely Missed Holiday Fire Destruction

    The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network just barely missed being destroyed by the Holiday Fire in Goleta, but now they need help.

  • Sen. Jackson and Dr. Hutchinson Receive Women of Achievement Awards

    The 11th Annual Women of Achievement Awards honored Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Dr. Carrie Hutchinson as “Courageous Communicators” through their work addressing issues of social justice.

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