Ever Thankful Edhat Subscriber

Just a thank you. I live in Vermont and at one time my daughter lived in Santa Barbara which is how I got hooked on edhat. 
My daughter eventually moved to Ojai and was missing during the Thomas fires for 15 hours. The last call I had from her was that she was trying to leave town with fire engulfing both sides of the road, her last words were “if anything happens I love you.” I was out of my mind with worry. Didn’t know who to talk to every line was busy or of no help so I thought… Edhat. She made it back to Santa Barbara feeling safe there and slept on the beach for a few days. 
I don’t know who I spoke with at edhat but they were able to give me very good updates and information that were very helpful. 
I will never forget how kind and understanding they were. 

Outstanding and Reliable

Thank You For Local News Coverage!