Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

On September 22, 2021, around 8pm, Santa Barbara Police Officers responded to Cottage Hospital Emergency Room for a report of a 16-year-old male victim who was brought to the hospital with a potential gunshot wound. During the initial investigation, Officers learned the incident occurred in the 1200 block of San Andres Street.

It was reported the victim and another juvenile were walking on the sidewalk when a vehicle stopped, and the occupants contacted the two juveniles. A verbal altercation occurred and one of the vehicle’s occupants fired a small caliber firearm, striking the victim in the abdomen.

Detectives have been actively investigating this case. The suspect is currently outstanding. This incident is believed to be an isolated incident.

The victim is being treated at Cottage Hospital. Due to this being an active investigation, no other information is available at this time.

The Santa Barbara Police Department is seeking any information from the community related to this incident. Anonymous reports can be made by contacting the Santa Barbara Police Department at 805-897-2355.

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Babycakes Sep 27, 2021 02:55 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

Unfortunately, knives are now out of fashion, and guns are now in vogue. We can expect to see more and more guns used when these filthy rats ply their trade.

d8vanilla Sep 27, 2021 04:21 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

Wonder if the guy they took-down, and arrested this morning was involved in the shooting incident . Officers found drugs in his pocket. This happened on the 1300 block of San Andres

Byzantium Sep 27, 2021 06:36 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

NRA teaches responsible gun ownership. Nothing responsible about drive by shootings in the densely packed Westside. Plus it is never the weapon itself - you distract from the real issues- love of violence and necessity of increasing acts of violence to prove social acceptability.

a-1632801816 Sep 27, 2021 09:03 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

The NRA used to teach hunting and firearm safety. Not any more. Now their primary goal seems to be aiding and abetting domestic right-wing terrorism. They started on this track decades ago.

JB86 Sep 27, 2021 10:45 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

How in the world does the NRA have anything to do with this? The punks doing this observe no laws and acquire guns illegally, including 'ghost guns' manufactured by gangs. All of CA's complex laws are not stopping this.

SMOKIN JOE Sep 27, 2021 10:38 PM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

no quotes from the verbal altercation?? if somebody says something so bad that guns get pulled, let's at least know what it was!

Henry Sarria Sep 29, 2021 05:53 AM
Verbal Altercation Results in Shooting

Just my humble opinion, as I ain't an expert on sociology, but oh well, here goes. The "gang problem" has never gone away, it was ignored in plain sight. It got overshadowed by the homeless situation.
Between the constant fires, the increase in crime & just the number of encampments, it became the limelight issue & honestly, rightfully so.
Gang crimes, they kept occurring, but focus turned solely to the homeless & the reason is simple. The gang incidents usually stayed within the gangs & those within that set. In the case of the homeless, the problems affected the general community.
Now, this ain't to say that gang activity doesn't affect the general community, it does, but gangs try to keep a covert mode of operations.
Law enforcement has a challenge in dealing w/ gangs & that is the moment something occurs, gang members scatter quickly, those caught refuse to speak & non-gang witnesses are afraid to speak. Not the same w/ homeless incidents.
But like I said, the gang problem never really went away, it was just overshadowed by a more pressing problem. It's still there, just needs equal attention.

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