Summer Hiking Tips

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Summer Hiking Tips
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Source: Santa Barbara City Fire Department

The City and County of Santa Barbara want to remind you to hike safely during the summer months. Follow these 5 tips for a safer, happier hike for you AND your canine companion: 

1. Check the weather - If it's going to be really hot, hit the beach! Still interested in that hike? Then go early and beat the hotter part of the day. (And maybe leave Lassie at home)

2. Pick the Right Trail - Pick a trail that has shade, water and less elevation gain.

3. Take the essentials - A phone, water for you and your dog, and snacks. Remember to let a friend or family member know where you are going and stay hydrated and salty while on the trail. 

4. Rest! - Stop for breaks for you AND your dog. Use this time to hydrate, snack, cool off and check your dog’s paws for thorns, grasses and other irritants. 

5. Know the signs of heat stroke - You and your dog run the risk of a heat stroke if your core body temperature gets too high. Common signs of heat stroke in humans include: 
- Muscle cramps 
- Dizziness 
- Nausea and/or vomiting 
- Disorientation and/or confusion 

For dogs: 
- Rapid/hard panting 
- Rolling in dirt or digging in dirt to find cool earth 
- Stopping often 
- Whining 
- Dizziness and/or Vomiting 
- Thick saliva, red tongue or white gums 

STOP immediately if you or your dog have any of these signs. Rest and re-hydrate. If you are able, make your way slowly back to your car. Call 911 for medical emergencies.

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420722 Jun 28, 2017 11:19 PM
Summer Hiking Tips

Yea newbies listen up. Last year our very talented SBSAR had to rescue many of you that were on some of the easiest trails in town! Some of you were even near the trail entrance and we were all laughing at you on edhat so please take these tips seriously.

Lucky 777 Jun 28, 2017 11:26 PM
Summer Hiking Tips

And remember it is the LAW that dogs must be kept on leash. For their safety, as well as for that of equestrians whose mounts might be spooked by an off-leash dog. Coyotes and mountain lions can snatch a small dog, and ones who run off after a rabbit can get lost and disoriented. And as the article points out, carry enough water for you and Fido both, as well as flashlights in case you find yourself descending in the dark.

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