MTD Launches New Day Pass for $1

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Source: Santa Barbara MTD

Santa Barbara MTD has announced the launch of a new one-day pass for the Downtown and Waterfront Shuttle routes.

The new day pass costs only one dollar and allows for unlimited rides in any direction on MTD’s zero-emissions battery-electric shuttles. The pass is valid for one calendar day after first use, and is only valid on the Downtown and Waterfront Shuttles. Unused passes do not expire.

Day passes are available for purchase at MTD’s Transit Center at 1020 Chapala Street, and the Administrative Offices at 550 Olive Street, both in Santa Barbara. Other locations will soon be sales outlets such as the Visitor Center, museums, and hotels.

“We are excited to offer an even easier way to enjoy State Street and the Waterfront. Whether you are shopping, visiting the Zoo, or enjoying a meal in the harbor, you can park once and rely on the shuttle to get you to your destination,” said Jerry Estrada, General Manager of Santa Barbara MTD.

MTD operates the Downtown-Waterfront Electric Shuttle in partnership with the City of Santa Barbara.

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paglinsb Oct 07, 2018 06:37 AM
MTD Launches New Day Pass for $1

What a great idea! So supportive of visitors who want to explore these avenues. I look forward to buying some to give to out-of-town guests so they carhop on the shuttles and explore. State Street and Cabrillo Blvd. offer so much, but that a LOT of walking. Fumbling for the right fare each time and shelling out money each time for few blocks is not user-friendly for many. Nice work! Hope it catches on and brings a smile to the visitors! It does to me. :-)

Lucky 777 Oct 06, 2018 07:42 AM
MTD Launches New Day Pass for $1

So, if I read this correctly, you can't just board the bus and GET a one-day pass for a buck. Seriously? You have to take the bus to the transit center to buy a day pass? In Amsterdam it is one standard fare, you get on, and your receipt gets you on all the city buses for the rest of the day. And I agree with the poster who predicts that it will once again become the Bum Shuttle, but better they are touring the town than lying on the sidewalk.

a-1591259098 Oct 05, 2018 06:40 PM
MTD Launches New Day Pass for $1

If I remember correctly, the downtown shuttle was free, but was soon overrun by people who do not work and hang out downtown on the benches, sidewalks, etc. asking for $$. So, they started charging 25-cents....not sure what it costs now. My guess is that for $1.00 these same folks are going to ride the shuttles allllllllll day long. Welcome to Santa Doo-doo.

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