Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location title=
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant in on E. Figueroa Street before the pandemic (courtesy photo)
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By the edhat staff

Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant has permanently closed its downtown location citing these "unprecedented times."

The eatery opened its doors in 2008 inside the La Arcada Plaza on 15 East Figueroa Street as the restaurant's third location. They later expanded by opening a fourth location in Goleta on Hollister Ave across the street from the Camino Real Marketplace. 

The mainstay locations on 3607 State Street in Santa Barbara and 1253 Coast Village Road in Montecito will remain, as well as the Goleta location.

"It is with great regret that we have made the decision to close the restaurant on Figueroa Street permanently. Our Jeannine’s family has so enjoyed being a part of the Downtown community for the past 15 years, and we are especially grateful to La Arcada for having provided such a beautiful home for all of us. This decision was one of the most difficult that we have had to face during these unprecedented times," the restaurant stated in a message to its patrons.

The Montecito location is currently open for takeout while the Upper State Street and Goleta locations are expected to reopen as soon as the "restrictions on our industry have been eased, and we are able to seat guests on our patios again," according to their statement.

Noemi Pizza Romana Cites Lockdown for Closure

Noemi Pizza Romana on Upper State Street in Santa Barbara (Photo: Facebook)

Noemi Pizza Romana opened in the former home of Pizza Guru at 3534 State Street in June of last year, months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the area. Early this year owner Aymiee Lee announced the closure of their Roman-style pizza joint. 

In a letter to Santa Barbara's Restaurant Guy, Lee stated having "zero restaurant experience" and opening during the pandemic made it financially unfeasible to keep it open.

"We just had so many challenges from Covid lockdowns, staffing to operations. I am heartbroken to have to close permanently.  My heart goes out to all business owners, especially food/drink businesses. I saw first hand the laborious work, long hours and sacrifices involved in running a restaurant," the pizzeria's Facebook page stated.

Chocolate Shop Closes State Street Location

Chocolats Du CaliBressan at 1100 State Street in the La Arcada Plaza also closed its location at the end of 2020.

An official statement wasn't announced but their Facebook page announced a closing sale that took place last weekend.

Their location in Carpinteria remains open as well as their online sales and orders.

Cajun Kitchen on De La Vina Street Shuts Down

According to the Restaurant Guy, the 1925 De La Vina Street location of the popular Cajun Kitchen chain has closed permanently. 

The three remaining Cajun Kitchen locations at 901 Chapala Street, 6025 Calle Real in Goleta, and 6831 Hollister Avenue in Goleta are open for takeout and delivery.

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Voice of Reason Jan 14, 2021 01:01 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

How many more do we loose before we say oops, closing these businesses down was the wrong move and didn’t help to slow the spread? I said many times here the dinning ban increased cases by forcing people to gather underground in uncontrolled environments and I was criticized and labeled a whole host of names. Well:

sacjon Jan 14, 2021 01:10 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

VOR - now imagine if all the nursing homes shutdown because they bankrupted themselves paying for permanent live-in staff and delivery services? Where do the old folks go? Oh, well at least they can go eat pizza..... smh

Chip of SB Jan 14, 2021 01:14 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

I think you’re absolutely right Voice. The “experts” and politicians responsible for these businesses closing down have been wrong about pretty much everything from day one. It’s ironic that after destroying all these businesses we will now see a push to reopen them in order to “slow the spread.” I stand by my my rule of thumb which states that every action taken by the government achieves the opposite of its stated purpose.

Voice of Reason Jan 14, 2021 02:59 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Being a glass half empty guy GT I'd expect a comment like that from you. Truth is there were a few, not scores, of closed shops downtown and several of those were pending improvements or other behind the scenes issues. Here in reality, there were scores of THRIVING businesses downtown just prior to covid.

GeneralTree Jan 14, 2021 03:22 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

VOR - you must not live near Santa Barbara. Downtown was not thriving prior to COVID.
"The area faces high vacancy rates and the perception that it’s not safe, dirty, and unwelcoming. State Street has an unappealing mix of retail tenants to the local community. The large Macy’s building at Paseo Nuevo, located on city-owned land, is vacant with ideas floating around for more department store retail to fill the space – an idea we should question considering the decline of department stores and their success in the county and across the nation. The downtown area also lacks housing or live/work spaces for local people who could walk to State Street businesses."

biguglystick Jan 15, 2021 11:40 AM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Oh, GIVE IT UP. It's not liberal policies that hurt business. Given the current state of conservative politics, its a wonder that anyone has the hutzpah (or lack of brain cells or ethics) to even identify with the conservative right.

biguglystick Jan 15, 2021 11:43 AM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

General Tree, you are 100% spot ON correct. State st. and downtown were in trouble long before Covid. This city makes it really hard on Mom and Pop local business, and that is why the face of Santa Barbara is changing. It's becoming homogenous like every other city. Big chain outlets are the only businesses that can afford to rent here. It's just too damned expensive to make it here. Big Brand Names do it only for product placement, they are reporting that they aren't making a profit in this town either.

Curmudgeon Jan 14, 2021 04:21 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Vacancies happen when a business cannot find an audience for one reason or another. Jeannine's had a large audience of, among others, professional workers in the immediate vicinity who were forced by COVID to work from home.

Sbrysa Jan 14, 2021 04:41 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

As a business owner, I didn’t get the Eidl, nor the PPP, nor grants (needed 3 or more employees to qualify. I’m given $167 a week with a huge store front. I’ve been closed 9 1/2 months. The openings for 2 weeks then closed again ended up costing me more money and then all my supplies went bad now THREE separate times. My landlords have not helped me not only do they not help me, they ignore me. It is NO WONDER businesses are having to down size or close entirely. It’s been devastating for us true family owned small businesses. I am a mother and full financial provider for my family. Public health has said not 1 case of covid is documented of spreading in my industry.

Alexblue Jan 14, 2021 05:08 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Why didn't you get the PPP? I am a sole prop with no employees other than myself and I got it. The second round is now open, you should consider talking to your bank about qualifying for it.

Sbrysa Jan 14, 2021 06:51 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

I’ll try again, it’s my understanding that I cannot get ppp and unemployment correct? At the time they offered me a laughable ppp amount and the unemployment was more when it was enhanced. They were not taking into account that I have a more expensive location and that I was making way more money than previously

Seabird Jan 14, 2021 07:31 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

@SBRYSA you should look at it again and definitely talk to your bank. The first round was completely forgiven for many if not most business owners. - maybe the second one will be, too? Definitely see which set of numbers works out better for you.

letmego Jan 14, 2021 05:55 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

That's too bad. I like Jeannine's, but at least there are still other locations (not quite as conveniently located). Same with Cajun Kitchen. The De La Vina one was our regular Father's day spot. (This year, we got takeout!)

giftedinSB Jan 15, 2021 09:13 AM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

This news makes me so sad. Jeannine's is my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara, and I would buy scones from them almost weekly, especially last year when they were closed for so long. I wonder why they closed down this location as opposed to the Upper State or Goleta locations. Is it just the astronomical rent of downtown SB?

Voice of Reason Jan 15, 2021 12:54 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Yeah, those damn business people trying to keep a piece real estate running, pay the taxes, insurance, mortgage, and make a profit at the same time. They should be giving the spaces away to local businesses for free because that's how a free market works right?

PitMix Jan 16, 2021 10:39 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

VOR, I talked to a restaurant owner that was paying $18000 /mo in rent. When he was running at 100% in 2006 he could make that rent plus pay himself. His business was cut 50% in the 2008 recession and never really recovered, then was nailed again with the Thomas Fire and the pandemic. So he has been struggling for many years. He was only recently able to negotiate a rent decrease with his landlord because the landlord finally acknowledged reality. Small business owners in SB really have it rough.

Rinconer Jan 15, 2021 09:23 AM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Jeannine’s is/was a great dining experience every time. Great food & service. Does Costco have a magical anti-Covid device, or do we all magically become disease vectors when we enter local restaurants?

a-1610734471 Jan 15, 2021 10:14 AM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

We are ordered to increase housing and population--and yet limit the availability of food outlets for those working and seeking faster food. In/ Out and Chick-fil-A lines take up lanes with long waits now.
Great questions about Costco, Target, big box outlets liquor stores allowed to dominate food markets.
Guess we need to stop eating in or out, or at gas stations. People getting ill in as well. No one dead seems to relapse.

Basicinfo805 Jan 17, 2021 04:56 PM
Jeannine's Bakery & Restaurant Closes Downtown Location

Bummer for downtown Jeanine's, but as someone who has gone there, their service absolutely sucked. We ditched that place LONG before covid happened. They still have a couple other storefronts. Might be time to make one's own scones? Coffee was sad. Hopefully going forward retail will find ways to improve their emphasis on customer service, which in SB and Goleta, seems to be a lost art.

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