California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package title=
Governor Gavin Newsom (center) and Asm. Steve Bennett (left of center) joining with other state legislators (courtesy photo)
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Source: Office of Assemblymember Steve Bennett

In the wake of another tragedy and inaction at the national level, the Assembly Wednesday advanced a package of six gun violence prevention bills to the Senate, signaling California’s commitment to doing everything possible to take action where the federal government is not.

The group of six Democratic lawmakers – Asm. Mike Gipson (D-Carson), Asm. Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland), Asm. Steve Bennett (D-Ventura), Asm. Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), Asm. Brian Maienschein (D-San Diego), and Asm. Jesse Gabriel (D-Woodland Hills) – together brought their bills to a vote on the Assembly Floor. The Members expressed impassioned frustration with Congress’s failure to act on the issues of gun control and gun violence prevention, and emphasized the corresponding need for California to recommit itself with urgency to the fight.

“Our number one job as legislators is to keep our communities safe — and on the issue of gun violence, our federal lawmakers are failing horrifically” said Assemblymember Buffy Wicks. “While we have strong gun violence prevention laws here in California, there’s still so much more that can be done. We must do everything in our power under state law to strengthen protections for our communities, and be an example for other state legislatures to take action where our federal policymakers are not.”

“Thoughts and prayers won’t keep our kids safe. We need real action,” said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. “While Senate Republicans continue to obstruct progress, we are committed to moving forward common sense gun safety measures to protect our kids and our communities. When Washington D.C. fails to act, California must lead.”

The bills advancing to the Senate include: 

·        AB 1621 (Gipson) - Limiting Ghost Guns: Increasing Gun Safety in Our Communities
This bill seeks to increase public safety by further restricting “ghost guns” and the parts and kits used to build them, while protecting the rights of legal gun owners in California.

·        AB 2156 (Wicks) - Firearm Manufacturing
This bill would close loopholes that currently allow individuals and corporations to manufacture large numbers of firearms without complying with standard manufacturer requirements. 

·        AB 2552 (McCarty) - Gun Show and Event Regulations
This bill ensures proper background checks at gun shows in California, and increases the safety and oversight of these events to prevent guns and ammo from getting into the wrong hands.

·        AB 1769 (Bennett) - Ventura County Fairgrounds – Gun Show Ban
This bill prohibits the sale of firearms, firearm precursor parts, or ammunition on the property of the Ventura County Fairgrounds and Event Center. 

·        AB 2239 (Maienschein) - 10-Year Gun Ban Expansion
This  bill adds additional misdemeanors to the list of crimes for which the 10-year ban from owning or possessing firearms applies.

·        AB 1929 (Gabriel) - Medi-Cal reimbursement for Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs
This bill will provide Medi-Cal reimbursement for violence prevention services for victims of gun violence and other violent incidents.

Additionally, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) will bring his bill AB 1594 to a vote on the Assembly Floor before the end of the week. The bill will empower California citizens, the state Attorney General and local governments to sue manufacturers and sellers of firearms for the harm caused by their products when the state’s strict gun laws aren’t followed. 

The Floor vote followed a press conference with Governor Gavin Newsom, the aforementioned bill authors and other legislative leaders, who together vowed to keep working together to expedite bills aimed at curbing gun violence and increasing safety in California communities.

There remains a great amount of work to do in California to improve community safety for all –  2020 saw record spikes in gun violence nationwide, and California was not an exception. Still, the state continues to lead the nation in terms of gun violence prevention efforts, enacting state laws that have made a critical difference for communities statewide. Researchers have documented how California’s Gun Violence Restraining Order law has helped to prevent dozens of mass shooting attacks against schools, places of worship, workplaces, and the public at large – especially as compared to states with weaker gun laws:

·        In 2020, children in California (0-17 year olds) were more than 40% less likely to be murdered with a gun than children of the same age in Texas. 

·        Laws including stronger domestic violence protections have made women about half as likely to be shot to death in California compared to Texas.  

·        Restrictions on military-style weaponry have helped reduce the likelihood that shootings that occur will become mass casualty events. Three of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history have occurred in Texas while Gov. Abbott was Governor.

“We have an epidemic in our country when it comes to gun violence and enough is enough. In California, we want action and will continue to work on gun violence prevention,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. “My bill, AB 2552, ensures proper background checks at gun shows in California and increases the safety and oversight of these events to prevent guns and ammo from getting into the wrong hands. I am proud of the swift action of the Legislature to fast track not only my bill, but other gun reform bills.”

“Unfortunately, the United States experiences far more gun violence per person than virtually every other modern industrialized country in the world,” said Assemblymember Steve Bennett. “And what accounts for this? The United States has one of the most pervasive gun cultures in the world supported by a powerful gun lobby. Gun shows at the Fairgrounds enhance this and it is time for each of us to play a role in changing this culture.”

“Far too often, gun violence tragedies are perpetrated by individuals who have shown previous signs of violence or intent to harm others,” said Assemblymember Brian Maienschein. “AB 2239 would take firearms out of the hands of those charged with child endangerment or elder abuse, ensuring that these dangerous individuals cannot harm our most vulnerable.”

“Today, as AB 1621 and other critical gun reform legislation passed the Assembly and now move to the Senate, and vice versa, it is critical we remain diligent in continuing to push for solutions against rampant gun violence happening across the nation,” said Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson. “We are just 145 days into the year, and as of the Robb Elementary School tragedy in Uvalde, Texas just yesterday, where 19 children and 2 adults had their lives ripped away from them by a coward with an AR-15, the U.S. had its 212th mass shooting.

Gipson continued, “To say that this issue is personal to me is an understatement, and sending thoughts and prayers just isn’t enough. AB 1621, which seeks to eradicate “ghost guns” from our streets, is an important piece in the puzzle to save lives, and it is a common-sense approach toward providing justice for families who have continued to bear the burden of losing a loved one through incidents that could have otherwise been prevented. Almost any style of gun, including an AR-15, can be built at home and remain untraceable. For all communities that have experienced similar tragedies, gun violence is a wildfire that we work diligently to try to contain. And the casualties are our babies, sisters, brothers, friends, and acquaintances - all deserving of life but were cut short of their potential. Enough is enough.”

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GeneralTree May 28, 2022 08:30 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Cops don't even have the tools.... Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, told "Fox News Live" Saturday that while on the ground in Uvalde, he spoke to a wounded officer who told him police response units were "scrambling" to find a tool to open the school door to get to the gunman on Tuesday.

He learned that the locked steel door only opened outward, "not inward," making it more difficult to break down.

edney May 28, 2022 06:15 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I know the Sheriff of Polk County FLA won't get me any upvotes, but he said that his Deputies are required and trained to go in and confront a school shooter, even if they are alone. In training they hire actors dressed like Deputies dead, covered in blood- screaming in pain, wounded and his Deputies are trained to step over them and continue to engage.
We can argue about gun control, but I hope we can agree that in the interim law enforcement should be expected to go in and disregard personal safety or find another job

chico berkeley May 28, 2022 05:06 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

To put things in perspective , the largest school massacre in US history was about a hundred years ago and dynamite was used on some school in Michigan. Twice the toll and only a moment to do.
You can't legislate a way out of stupid and crazy.
Guns don't kill, it's the deranged ass that's holding it.
You could own a machine gun at that time but you can't now.
I can buy dynamite almost as easy as ammo around here.
In other states you can get it much easier
Just sayin' some Perspective people.

yin yang May 29, 2022 06:32 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I'm very liberal, but detest the simple-minded, non-informed viewpoints. No complex issue can be addressed on a message board or in short messages. I agree with you in general.
To conclude, to all: please think more and better, and pause before making a public statement.

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 08:34 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Duke - who, anywhere, on this thread is saying get rid of the police? The incident commander should have passed off his command. The officers wanted to storm the ground. Don't take this misfortune to play cute politics.

dukemunson May 28, 2022 07:58 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I just didn’t understand the narrative of some that this was a justification to get rid of police. That’s obviously insane. The guy in charge royally screwed up. Hopefully this is the one that finally tips the scales and we change our gun laws. Considering the mental health crisis that Covid shutdowns brought about in our youth… the time to act is now!!!

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 04:41 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Not at all trying to call you out btw. I know you have kids as well and this HAS been emotional for all of us. Really feel for those parents who were desperately trying to go in to do anything as I know I would have done the same. It just all sucks.

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 04:39 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Duke - have you changed your mind - hours ago you said that we should hold judgement? I'm guessing you've seen more of the news. I don't believe at all the officers there screwed up - but the person calling the shots did. I'm even reading that officers were considering defying orders and going in.

Babycakes May 28, 2022 11:53 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package


"If there is a gunman in a classroom - you breach the door and go in. That is common sense."

Yeah, common sense if you've watched 100 too-many TV cop shows and like to spout nonsense after visiting Blame Game City. Please take the emotions out of this for a moment. Think clearly. Refrain from the name-calling biz....not helpful, and goes nowhere.

Babycakes May 29, 2022 08:10 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I hold the shooter and those around him who knew he was is a sad mental state. The shooter is responsible for their deaths. For me, that is not hard to understand. What is hard to understand, is that ill-informed and unhelpful comments about this tragedy being the fault of the governor, the NRA, MAGA, GOP, Republicans....that simply is not logical to well-grounded people. Police are cowards? Really? Folks who don't agree with your politically are the problem? Really? All the ills of the world stem from the non-woke, non-left, and otherwise clear thinkers? Really? Get a grip peeps. Enjoy the gorgeous day (at least it looks like a gorgeous day looking at the Sea Landing web cam....we are out of town doing volunteer work where it's hot/h-u-m-i-d....uhhhhggg).

Just remember this: we are only on this earth for so long, so make the most of each and every day. Make YOUR life and those around you enjoyable. Stop the name calling and hate toward those with whom you disagree. Try to "switch shoes" with the other person before you stomp on them all the time. Lastly, we're all human and make mistakes...some much more costly than others. Do these things and your lives will improve.....immensely!!!

Namaste my fellow good human beings -

GeneralTree May 29, 2022 06:04 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Around the time students started making 911 calls as many as 19 law enforcement officers had already taken cover in the hallway, at 12:03 p.m. They took no action and waited for classroom keys and tactical equipment. At 12:16 p.m. a girl who made several 911 calls told a dispatcher that eight or nine children were alive in her classroom

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 08:36 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Babycakes - please educate yourself. Since columbine the mitigation philosophy among law enforcement is to gain entry / disrupt / attack the shooter at all costs. But please, keep going it's entertaining and sad.

Babycakes May 28, 2022 06:14 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

General & Alex: This is real life. This is not a 'Rambo' (fantasy/action/thriller/killer movie). John Rambo was one heck of a guy, at least as a character in the movie of course. He was a peaceful guy, but murder/mayhem/death/destruction always/always followed in his path. Amazing. Well, this is real life. I have my answers. Although you request, I certainly do not have y-o-u-r answers....answers that you need and require to operate. I "get it."

My brief advice, if you will forgive me, is to strongly suggest living life to its fullest....and let others do the same as they choose. It really is not that much to ask.

Namaste my good friends and neighbors.

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 04:38 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Please stop pretending to be the arbiter of "emotions" babycakes. Even the twisted governor said police screwed up. Not blaming it on the officers that were there - Many of them were begging to go in and even considering to go in and defy "orders" from an ill-equipped chief who oversaw 6 school officers that forcibly retained incident command. But yeah "F your feelings" right?

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 04:32 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Babycakes defending inaction. Typical MAGA sickness. The parents were begging to go in. The police screwed up - not all the police folks - but the decision maker, who should have handed off incident command. But man - yeah TV sure....

Alexblue May 28, 2022 04:13 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Wow. Those cops stood outside while 19 kids were murdered, calling 911 while they were out there, begging for help, parents outside trying to save their kids.

Every one of those cops was a coward.

If they aren't going to put their lives on the line to protect children then what the hell are they there for.

Every. Single. One.

GeneralTree May 27, 2022 03:47 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

"Uvalde Independent Schools Chief of Police Pete Arredondo was the on-scene commander" What in the actual? This person commands six officers total. In charge of command over a mass casualty active shooter event?

ZeroHawk May 27, 2022 02:37 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I'm done. I'm back on here 1 and a half days after serving in Ukraine. I come back and see the same freaking idiots arguing the same things, then a mass school shooting and you people (some of you) want to justify and ABUSE the 2nd Amendment. Sorry this is just too stupid to continue on. I am deploying again to UKR to assist. I hope you, Sac, have a good life and keep up the good fight. I will be fighting for freedom and hopefully saving a few lives in the process. I don't believe i will be coming back to edhat. i can't take the massive lack of logic and reason displayed here. Too many gun crazy right wingers that like to play dumb and ask dumb questions and pose dumb fake scenarios. Fact is, 19 people just died. I saw horrific things in UKR, but guess what? A mass school shooting targeting elementary school children takes the cake. I've seen a body run over by a tank. Nothing compares to the horror those kids went through. No mass shooting in the world ended because a bunch of rednecks came in with guns too. WTF do you think guns do? they kill, maim people. nothing more.

Ahchooo May 27, 2022 07:58 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

I hope Zerohawk and Sacjon don’t leave Edhat. We need you here. Please check in, state your opinions. Some of the other regulars are irrational, so reasoning with them is pointless. But we still need to hear the sane people.

sacjon May 27, 2022 02:40 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

ZERO - thank you for what you're doing in Ukraine. I appreciate the well wishes. I too need to end my involvement here with people who clearly have no intention of straying from their hard held beliefs. "Arguing" with illogical and blatantly false statements is starting to wear on me. I need to learn to just drop it. Time for a toke, a beer and a walk..... that always helps!

Ahchooo May 27, 2022 02:07 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

There’s a piece on Politico today (5/27/22) saying that researchers have found many similarities between these mass shooters. One aspect is that they tend to be suicidal, and in fact the big shoot-up is a form of suicide. They generally expect it to be their last act in life. By studying the pathway these formerly decent people took, we may be able to pinpoint exactly where the mental health attention needs to be directed.

a-1653684797 May 27, 2022 01:53 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Interesting statement:

"Wayne LaPierre, the head of the N.R.A. opened the convention by calling out “the evil” of the attack in Uvalde. Then he quickly pivoted to saying the federal government could not “legislate against evil,” and said President Biden’s gun control proposals would restrict “the fundamental human right of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves.”

Republicans are obviously legislating morality; what they think is evil.

And what about the fundamental right to life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness for the post-born?!

sacjon May 27, 2022 02:34 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

The NRA should be eradicated for it's support of shootings like this.

How many mass shootings took place with a shotgun, single fire rifle or pistol? It's not all guns to blame for these mass shootings. It's those guns which are designed to kill 20-50 people within seconds even a possibility. THOSE guns need to go. No one hunts with them (unless they're a crappy shot and need more than 3 rounds to down a deer) and no one needs them for self defense (unless they're fighting off a small army). YOU DON'T NEED THOSE GUNS.

sacjon May 27, 2022 11:27 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Lots of ideas on how to reduce the risk of future mass shootings. Hopefully, not everyone is in the all or nothing, 100% stop mass shootings or don't even try, crowd. What do some think of these?

1. Increasing age limit to 21 for all guns
2. Ban semi-auto weapons so that only single shot weapons can be purchased/owned
3. Require extensive background checks on all purchases, including gun shows
4. Require thorough mental health evaluations before all purchases
5. Ban magazines with over 10 round capacities
6. Require all gun owners to carry liability insurance
7. Allow civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers by anyone affected (to any degree) by gun violence
8. Actively enforce existing gun laws
9. Increase jail/prison time for violation of gun laws

Any other ideas?

sacjon May 27, 2022 02:52 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Not flip flopping at all. Where did I say we "'because it's not 100% effective we shouldn't do it". Once again, completely LYING and fabricating my statements. I never ever said that. Just like I NEVER said I opposed armed guards.

I get it though, it's way easier to "argue" against something you made up.

Voice of Reason May 27, 2022 02:44 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

The one in Sacramento was. And why do you keep flip flopping? You've been arguing on both sides of the 'if it save even 1 life we should do it' and 'because it's not 100% effective we shouldn't do it".

sacjon May 27, 2022 02:38 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

"get tough on crime and keep violent criminals behind bars. " - How many mass shootings were carried out by criminals who were released from jail?

Until we stop blaming everything but the ONLY thing that makes mass shootings possible, nothing will change.

Chip of SB May 27, 2022 02:34 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Sac, california already attempted to ban sales of semitomatic rifles to persons under 21 years of age. The 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that law unconstitutional.

California already outlawed certain semiautomatic rifles that it defines as “assault rifles” based on complex permutations of cosmetic features that certain rifles have. California has also banned the sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Challenges to these laws are working through the courts now and these laws are likely to be ruled unconstitutional, particularly after the Supreme Court issues its decision in the Bruen case next month.

I don’t think many of your other suggestions, like attempting to bankrupt gun manufacturers through litigation, will hold up in court either. However, I strongly agree with your proposal to get tough on crime and keep violent criminals behind bars. That absolutely does pass constitutional muster and would greatly improve public safety. You can’t take rights away from law abiding citizens, but you certainly can put criminals in jail!

ZeroHawk May 27, 2022 02:10 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

GT, you're points are great ones. they already exist though and that does not stop things. Sac is right on all points. Why do you have a problem with what Sac proposed? Simple question.
In fact, what sac is proposing is pure logic. Something that the Right doesn't understand. Quoting Ted Cruz (puke), The NRA stands up for the American People. Bullpucky. They just line their pockets with blood money.
They don't give a crap about mass shootings. This is the ONLY nation on earth where this happens. Think about that. Think deeply about that.

GeneralTree May 27, 2022 01:48 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Sacjon - I'll add
10. Free or extremely affordable mental health care
11. Free or extremely affordable drug treatment
12. Hire social workers to work with the police to assess mental health care issues and allow police to do their job (and do NOT defund the police)
13. In addition to school resource officers - staff with the appropriate number of social workers to address health, mental health issues, bullying, family problems etc

dukemunson May 28, 2022 12:10 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Who’s protecting them??? They screwed up… thank goodness though we have police as the people using this as an example to get rid of police are just wildly and bizarrely clueless. We need a well funded police force with tactical units ready wiling and able to engage.

dukemunson May 28, 2022 12:05 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

GT - I keep (repeatedly!) saying the police screwed up! They absolutely did. I’m just pointing my out that 1) much of the criticism seems to be on police in General (someone was suggesting their “overthrow”) and 2) in a chaotic scene with small town police, it’s not shocking that there was issues with decisiveness and effective (courageous) training. Nowhere am I defending the police officers decision. Just Noting that hindsight is 20/20 while pushing back on the narrative that some ave bizarrely taken that police in general are the problem and we need to get rid of them. A mass shooting is the ultimate tragic reminder that we need both gun control and a well trained, equipped and funded police force capable of responding to things such as this.

Voice of Reason May 28, 2022 10:00 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Why would me asking for a pause in a rush to judgement, but over a new and developing situation, where contradictory information has already been released, garner at such a response Zero? It’s clear rational thought and reason has given way to knee jerk responses and emotion.

GeneralTree May 28, 2022 09:18 AM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

Duke - you are protecting the police even though the response was a joke in this situation. Fox has been reporting 40 minutes to an hour. Even the incident commander admitted it was a mistake not to go in. EVERY law official I've heard so far states that in a school shooting, you go in, no matter what. But please, by all means, please keep protecting the decision maker who failed here miserably. Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw said police didn't immediately engage the shooter because "the on-scene commander at the time believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject." Duke - the on scene commander was from the school police unit - the incident command should have been transferred to the more qualified.

dukemunson May 27, 2022 03:51 PM
California Assembly Advances Gun Violence Prevention Package

GT - The 40 minutes where no shots were fired...

Again, a terrible mistake was made. BUt to vilify police as a whole is wrong. We need (and want) a robust police force to go along with gun control. It's not an either/or...


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