Avoid Possible Safety Hazards on Halloween

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Avoid Possible Safety Hazards on Halloween
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Halloween is a fun time for kids, but the Santa Barbara Fire Department Office of Emergency Services wants to remind you of the importance of being extra vigilant for possible safety hazards so that your children have a fun and safe Halloween. Some tips to make Halloween safe include:

Costume Safety

• Choose a costume made of flame retardant material
• Costumes should be short enough so that they don't cause your child to trip and fall
• For good visibility, add some reflective tape to the costume or bag
• Masks should fit securely and allow your child to see well and not hinder visibility
• If using face paint, make sure it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic
• Knives, swords and other props should be made of a flexible material, so that they don't pose a hazard if fallen on

Trick-or-Treating Safety

• Children should be well supervised by an adult when trick-or-treating.
• Carry a flashlight
• Stick to well-lit houses in familiar neighborhoods only
• Follow traffic signals and rules of the road; drive slowly and watch for children
• Avoid taking shortcuts across backyards or alleys. Stick to the sidewalks of well-lit streets

Candy Safety

• Instruct your children to bring all candy home before eating it so that you can carefully inspect it for tampering
• Tell children not to accept and especially, not to eat anything that isn't commercially wrapped
• Throw out candy or treats that are homemade, unwrapped or if they appear to have been tampered with (pinholes in wrappers, torn wrappers, etc.)
• Parents of young children should remove any choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys

General Safety

• Homeowners should prepare their home for trick-or-treaters by removing obstacles from the front yard, restraining dogs and other animals, and lighting the house well
• Provide treats that are individually wrapped candy or offer kids nonfood treats, such as toothbrushes, floss, stickers and erasers
• Artificial lights and candles are a safer alternative to real candles with a flame that can start a fire


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NostraChumash Oct 28, 2018 12:55 PM
Avoid Possible Safety Hazards on Halloween

RHS.. Do you realize that you nullified the entire article with only 2 words?.. "Street vendors"! Dirty double standard with dirty hands on your mango... Might as well rub peoples money in your mouth.

RHS Oct 29, 2018 09:56 AM
Avoid Possible Safety Hazards on Halloween

Street vendors are mostly unlicensed and generally uninspected puveyors of food. The reason for licensing and inspection is public safety. They are in fact a greater risk to public health than any neighborhood person who makes their own Trick or Treat things. This is not about ethnicity as you seem to want to make it.

RHS Oct 28, 2018 10:14 AM
Avoid Possible Safety Hazards on Halloween

Paranoia runs deep--into your life it will creep. Check candy at home, do not eat anything that is not commercially wrapped? Crud. So maybe we should get a little more enforcement against street vendors? At least it doesn't report that ER's are x raying apples!!!

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