Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

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Source: Santa Barbara County Animal Services

Yesterday, a team of Santa Barbara County Animal Services staff impounded 104 dogs from inside a home in Lompoc. The owner relinquished legal custody of the dogs, the majority of which are Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes. The dogs received a preliminary assessment on site and were then transported to the Santa Maria Animal Center for further assessment, vaccinations and care.

An operation of this size requires a team to impound the dogs in a safe and humane manner and meet the immediate needs of the animals, while supporting safety and health protocols for staff. The 18-member team included a veterinarian, two registered veterinary technicians, four Animal Control officers, three supervisory staff, five support staff and three volunteers who worked late into the night to ensure that all of the dogs received proper care and shelter.

A concerned citizen reached out to Animal Services about the dogs, which resulted in the site visit and ultimate relinquishment of the animals. After assessing the situation, Animal Services staff quickly coordinated with rescue partners to find placements for all of the dogs who will be transported today to Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society, Santa Barbara Humane Society, Ventura County Animal Services, Ventura Humane Society, Woods Humane Society and Burbank Humane Society where they will be available for adoption. Loving homes will be sought for each of these dogs.

“This was an extraordinary effort on the part of our team and rescue partners,” stated Angela Yates, Director of Santa Barbara County Animal Services. “Staff and volunteers quickly went into action, and within 12 hours of receiving the initial report, 104 dogs had received veterinary care, were safely housed at our Santa Maria shelter for the night, and rescue transports were scheduled for this morning. What initially seemed impossible became a shining example of what we can accomplish through dedication, teamwork and committed partnerships!”

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PitMix Oct 26, 2020 07:34 AM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

It's early yet but most likely they won't be charged as they agreed to relinquish ownership. If they don't the shelter would have to keep the dogs until a judge ruled on the case and forced the relinquishment. That could take a while. So the hoarder gets off with no punishment and maybe can go get some more dogs and start the process again.

a-1603557726 Oct 24, 2020 09:42 AM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

Noozhawk has a lot of pictures of the dogs and the rescue:

Basicinfo805 Oct 23, 2020 03:53 PM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

Man, what's wrong with these kind of hoarder people? 104??? Unreal. I wonder how one can legally adopt so many dogs. Don't the shelters keep records? Or is this person breeding them on their own? Even weirder. Wow. That's a sad situation. Criminal, and mentally ill. Shelters around here are just loaded with Chihuahuas and pit bulls from lame owners like this.

a-1603511023 Oct 23, 2020 08:43 PM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

I'll clarify: Requiring proof of ownership in order to take in a surrendered pet has been the policy of our local Humane Society and I am not aware of their current policy. They have been a great partner of the SB County shelter during fires and in aiding overcrowding. They also have a huge shelter, endowment and donations. Consider supporting the open admission shelters which must by law take in every animal, from mice, lizards and chickens to dogs, cats and horses. (Remember Slick Gardner and his rescued horses?)

a-1603510430 Oct 23, 2020 08:33 PM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

To reiterate, this has nothing to do with adoption or shelters, except for the rescue. Our municipal shelters DO NOT adopt out un-neutered pet cats or dogs and ALL cats and dogs are micro-chipped and neutered. Most important, they take EVERY animal. Private, non-profit shelters can pick and choose. For instance, humane societies require proof of ownership to take in a pet. So if an owner never took their pet to a vet or licensed it, it will end up at a municipal shelter -- the local pet orphanage.

a-1603510092 Oct 23, 2020 08:28 PM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

No one can adopt many dogs from one municipal (government) shelter! Dogs are licensed when they are adopted, or pre-licensed with a reminder if they are too young for rabies vaccination. No responsible shelter would adopt numerous dogs to one person without checking up on them. This number of dogs? Insanity. At our county shelters, records and notes are kept on adopters, license checks done, Animal Services can have an idea of how many dogs one has. This case has NOTHING to do with adoption -- it's all about letting dogs breed, not altering them. //////////////////////////////////////////////
And the hard working employees and volunteers and rescue groups who are helping with this problem!

a-1603487189 Oct 23, 2020 02:06 PM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

Thank you, Animal Control! I hope that all, male and female, will be neutered. There are too many chihuahuas, especially. My neighbor has four of them and breeds the female at least once/year.

PitMix Oct 26, 2020 07:32 AM
Animal Services Impound 104 Dogs from Lompoc Home

They neuter all dogs before they leave the shelters even at very early ages. They don't want any more dogs ending up in their shelters. The number of dogs coming into the SB shelter is almost 0 now due to the local spay/neuter programs. We get most of our dogs from north county where the spay/neuter programs aren't as strong.

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