Write It Down - Creative Writing Program

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Write It Down - Creative Writing Program
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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 11:00

This 6 - module course will show you exactly how to expand your writing, stretch your imagination and activate a gratitude focus.
The guidance you need is RIGHT HERE! https://www.samanthabearman.com/write-it-down

Module 1:
Jump Start Your Writing Journey
We will CLEARLY define how to turn your creative ideas into action

Cultivate your ideal writing environment

Activate your mojo

Benefits beyond storytelling

Module 2:
Designing What You Deserve
You will receive a clear outline and direction in designing your dream day and the power of CONSISTENCY

Overcoming Overthinking - decision making in writing

Learn EXACTLY how to set personal intentions and how to make it happen

Module 3:
Harness Your Power
Unleash your magic

Learn EXACTLY how to build an audience profile and identify who your audience is, and how this helps your writing strategy.

Discover the power of your language in establishing and maintaining emotional connection

Module 4:
Own Your Sexy Storytelling
STIMULATE the sexy - we tackle creative writing in sexy text messages

Identifying barriers

Asking for what you deserve - we work on assertiveness in our writing and how that permeates our thinking.

Module 5:
Identifying Strengths, Vulnerability and Gratefulness
Connect with your inner BADASS and own your Confidence in your writing

Leading with Gratitude and finishing with Gratitude

Learn how to use your writing to be vulnerable and AUTHENTIC in your messages

Follow Up!
We will have a 90 minute Live Q & A

Submit writing for review

Receive direct feedback on writing prompts, the writing process

Evaluate post course check in.

Get guidance moving forward!

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