NCEAS Seminar Series : Indigenous Data Governance

NCEAS Seminar Series : Indigenous Data Governance title=
NCEAS Seminar Series : Indigenous Data Governance
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Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - 12:00

Join us for the third and final seminar in the NCEAS Winter/Spring 2021 Seminar Series, titled " Indigenous Data Sovereignty: How Scientists and Researchers Can Empower Data Governance". This event will be held on April 7, 2021, at 12:00 pm.

Indigenous land management practices result in higher species richness, less deforestation, and land degradation than non-Indigenous strategies. Many environmental researchers, data repositories, and data service operations recognize the importance of collaborating with Indigenous nations, supporting their environmental stewardship practices, and aligning land stewardship mechanisms with Indigenous rights. Yet these individuals and organizations do not always know the appropriate processes to achieve these partnerships. Calls for government agencies to collaborate with Indigenous land stewards require an increasing awareness of what Indigenous data are and how to manage these data. Indigenous data sovereignty underscores Indigenous rights and interests and can provide a structure for data practices.

In this seminar talk, Dr. Lydia Jennings will discuss what constitutes Indigenous data, how to apply an Indigenous data sovereignty framework to environmental research, examples of Indigenous data governance, Tribal Nations’ leading the scientific inquiry process, and how environmental scientists can co-create with Indigenous communities to answer community-driven research questions.


This seminar series was motivated by recent conversations about how we at NCEAS can foster diversity and inclusion within our scientific community, while also designing research questions and approaches to promote environmental justice and equity across our broader community. The speakers will share their research approaches and findings as they relate to the intersections of ecology, environmental data science, equity, and environmental justice.

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