Defend Democracy Demonstration & Caravan

Defend Democracy Demonstration & Caravan title=
Defend Democracy Demonstration & Caravan
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Sunday, January 17, 2021 - 14:00

*For clarification: Please note that this event is not connected or affiliated with Black Lives Matter or Healing Justice SB in any way*. Some folks seemed to think it was, but it is organized by a variety of people mostly from Sunrise SB and Extinction Rebellion SB.

EITHER gather with masks and social distance OR car-caravan around the block to declare: We support democracy! Fascist violence is unacceptable and there MUST be consequences!

We demand accountability and prosecution for the attack on our democracy by far-right, white supremacist and fascist mobs. Join Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise Movement SB in a social-distanced, celebratory and spirited rally.

**We remind you that white supremacists and fascists have histories of violence, particularly targeting anti-fascists and marginalized people - so please bear these risks in mind and attend with the thought of looking out for each other, ignoring antagonists, and keeping everyone safe, especially Black people, people of color and other marginalized people amongst us.**

There are multiple ways to participate - wear masks and remain socially distanced or drive around the courthouse in a “care”-avan as you are able, to demonstrate our love and commitment to our United States Democracy. Peaceful, tolerant, loving action with safety in mind. Our message to our leaders is “impeach, expel, investigate!”

We hold a shared vision of a democracy that holds all people equal, a system that does not discriminate and works to protect our people and our environment. All who share these values are welcome to participate, thank you for joining us in whatever way you are able.

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