Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire

Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire title=
Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire
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Photo: Jim Shivers / Caltrans

By edhat staff

Highway 154 reopened after being closed last week due to the Cave Fire.

Caltrans announced the roadway would open by Monday, but they pulled it off earlier than announced with the roadway officially reopening at 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

Massive guardrail repairs needed to be completed due to flames from the Cave Fire jumping the roadway.

Traffic control is expected to take place Monday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Motorists are expected to reduce speed from Painted Cave to San Antonio Creek Roads as Caltrans engineers assess the hillside.

The Cave Fire is expected to be fully contained by Wednesday this week. Read more about the Cave Fire here.

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REX OF SB Dec 03, 2019 10:03 AM
Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire

I read on another thread here that GPS services have stopped routing 101 traffic over 154. Does anyone know if this true? This huge influx in rerouted traffic is, I'm sure, the main reason for all the increased accidents and fatalities. Lowering the speed limit won't change things, nor will center-line barriers, or anything else. Get the unnecessary GPS-routed traffic off 154 and things will be a lot better. I think that's pretty much a guarantee.

sacjon Dec 03, 2019 01:11 PM
Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire

REX - less traffic will help, but it comes down to having more enforcement of traffic laws on the 154. We need a heavy presence to act as a deterrent to speeders, tailgaters, dangerously slow drivers, and reckless drunk idiots. 2 weeks ago, I was driving up the pass (only because I had to get to Paradise quickly) and was stuck in a long line of traffic slowly making its way up the hill. A motorcyclist started leap frogging up the line of traffic ON THE RIGHT! He was swerving into the oncoming lane to pass cars on the right. The only reason I didn't lay on my horn was I didn't want to spook him and make him swerve even more. I wanted to pummel him, but couldn't find him on the other side of the pass. These types of drivers are what scare the hell out of me on that road. If cops were present, that dipwad would have been nailed.

a-1575405407 Dec 03, 2019 12:36 PM
Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire

I'd like to see some hard facts about reasons for fatalities on 154; I have a hunch that it's going to be mix of things, with "higher car density" not even being on the list. Higher car density doesn't change the actual reason for accidents (the probability of event X stays the same), it just changes the frequency. The solution for "hiding" 154 is hardly a long term solution, and avoids actually investigating the underlying reasons. So of course an influx of traffic is going to increase collision rates. That's a obvious and well known to everyone?

Are there really that many fatalities in the first place? Highway 154 isn't even in the top 15 when it comes to deadly roads in CA (https://www.psblaw.com/deadliest-highway-stretches-california.html). Santa Barbarians love to boast about how 154 is "Blood Alley" but google results show otherwise.

a-1575388155 Dec 03, 2019 07:49 AM
Highway 154 Reopens After Cave Fire

Drove over it both ways yesterday and it’s very orderly. Police on both sides of the pass. I’ve been advocating 45mph speed limit over the pass and it’s clearly so much safer when everyone knows to go that speed and takes only a minute or two more.

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