Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks title=
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks
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Photos: John Palminteri / KEYT

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara City Public Works organized a homeless camp cleanup near Highway 101 along the railroad tracks this week, reports John Palminteri of KEYT News.

A team of contracted workers, police, Union Pacific, and environmental health personnel all assisted in the cleanup of hundreds of pounds of removed items and trash where Santa Barbara meets Montecito. Hazardous materials included drug-related items and human waste including a makeshift bathroom, reports Palminteri.

People who were living in the camps received advanced notice of the cleanup. 

Local business owners and residents have urged public officials to take action against the growing number of encampments along the railroad tracks, highways, and creekbeds. A growing number of small brush fires have been attributed to these camps.


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oops Nov 20, 2019 12:58 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

That nice they go in and clean up the garbage from time to time (maid service) but what happens to the people? Are they just pushed back into Goleta until Goleta cleans up the tracks and go back to SB? Kinda like ping pong

SBZZ Nov 20, 2019 01:39 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Edhat - Can you specifically identify the location of this camp? Near 101 and the tracks means anywhere between Oxnard and Gaviota. Thanks

tagdes Nov 20, 2019 09:03 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Entrance from the west is at the right angle turn at the cemetery and from the east the Butterfly Ln. underpass. Also adjacent Montecito so nice and private with quick easy access to the beach or Coast Village Road.

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 20, 2019 01:57 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

They get displaced but will be back within a week.
As long as they don’t camp in my bushes. Yes, I do not want them living in my bushes and creating a camp.
Homeless are not good “guests” they shit & piss anywhere, leave trash, litter the ocean, leave out drug paraphernalia, are usually mentally unstable either because of mental health and/or drugs and alcohol.

If you hate on me, tell me how many homeless you have living in your house or yard and what part of town you live in.

A City Council candidate, Mr Campbell, had a plan to house and get them medical help. His plan would have gotten them off the streets and saved the City money every year.

Not one of the other candidates addressed the homeless issue, none had a plan, except Mr C.

CoastWatch Nov 20, 2019 04:36 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

VAGRANTS- "Homeless" are those who are locals and are temporarily without a home due to circumstances, but have jobs and uphold responsibilities...

a-1574296937 Nov 20, 2019 04:42 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

COASTWATCH - No. "Homeless" are those who do not have permanent homes, regardless of whether they have jobs or not. Who are you to alter and make up classifications of your fellow human beings?

Roger Nov 20, 2019 05:11 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

He is the President...Some of the people in these groups are homeless, better to sleep in a group then alone where some d.b. can and will attack you...

Factotum Nov 20, 2019 04:47 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

TRIAGE THIS POPULATION: (1) The have nots; (2) the can nots; (3) the will nots. The will nots cause 80% of the problems. The will nots can no longer game the system. Clean up their camps and move them out. Get back to dealing only with the (1) have nots and the (2) can nots. Social safety net already generously provides for the have nots - $45,000 in welfare goods and services each. State sanitariums funded with current MHSA tax dollars provide for their public guardian- supervised care.

hz Nov 20, 2019 07:10 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

The Casa De La Raza building would make a great day center for homeless people..room for showers and laundry facilities..lots of office space for social workers..plenty of room for cots and sleeping area. I
The building is not in a residential area. I think it also has kitchen facilities. They are bankrupt right now and I think the city should take it over and do something really useful with it. We all need the homeless people here in town to have somewhere to go.!

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 21, 2019 08:51 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

That would be a great idea. If only the government would use its land and buildings to create shelters. Like the Armory would have been a great location too.

So who has the ear of the City to suggest these sites?

a-1574308505 Nov 20, 2019 07:55 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Why was there "advanced notice?" Doesn't this defeat the purpose of sending the message that illegal camping isn't allowed? I agree with earlier comment re: free maid service. City officials and law enforcement need to crack down, let it be known such campsites won't be tolerated and NOT be engaged in the business of providing free clean up of these disgusting campsites.

Bug Girl Nov 21, 2019 08:27 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

advanced notice also allows people to know they should have all their essentials on them at all times following the notice- as weather gets colder, people who live outside, even in our mild climate, can and do die from exposure. warning people to allow them to keep their sleeping gear could be the difference between life and death.

ZeroHawk Nov 21, 2019 09:09 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

advanced notice because they are fellow human beings and should be treated with at least a little respect? crazy notion eh? or maybe it's because everything they own is in that camp. the officials aren't there to steal what little they have left. they are there to clean up the mess, trash, waste, etc.

AdamVant Nov 21, 2019 06:44 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Clearing out vagrants and their tents, drug needles, feces, urine and stolen bikes should be done daily, relentlessly and with no let up.

Crystalandmaui Nov 21, 2019 08:41 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Wow, this is a huge issue, and becoming bigger every year. I have now seen homeless off Laguna street, and many places they were not last year. So yes the cost of living is ridiculous, no matter what city. After cleaning up and removing everything they will be right back there. This is done is LA all the time, and by night fall they are all back there. And yes I’m sure they are glad it was cleaned up. So now what? The not in my neighborhood is not the answer. Yes most are mentally ill or on drugs. And if our state wasn’t such a welfare state, maybe there wouldn’t be so much of this. But if you can get free money and an EBT card. Hey why not take it and live on the street, right. This is not the answer either, but made problems worse. Yes everyone needs to be in a home, but where? I do agree that making homes available to the very underfunded people needs to be available, but not in the areas of high rent homes or in the high Santa Barbara tourist areas, our town depends on those areas. And the people who live in nice neighborhoods and are hard working shouldn’t have to have their neighborhoods look like trash or worry about who’s breaking into their homes or cars. They can’t be placed in the woods, they’ll just be fires, so a place far enough but not close enough to turn our Santa Barbara into a homeless camp. This is not an easy thing to do. So maybe all Santa Barbara people who like to give advice can, give some areas in which to do this. Please stop with all the sarcasm and pass the buck crap. Be productive, I often find only a lot of sarcasm here. This is a real issue and has become a large issue. More section eight housing and housing for the mentally ill, and housing for homeless that maybe can work for their housing. And yes of course these places have to be manned.

SBLetsGetAlong Nov 21, 2019 05:12 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Our local government and non-profits has spent millions over the last several decades "researching" why people are homeless and how to help.
When will they stop putting money in their pockets and start actually helping?
When will the Gov't take care of it's people?
The Gov't at a minimum should be funding anyone that wants to take the time and energy to build tent cities or low income housing.
The Gov't should supply the land to do so.
The Gov't is failing the people, ALL the people. The residential, the businesses, the homeless all are pissed off and tired of false promises by the Gov't.

mtndriver Nov 21, 2019 08:45 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Of course they’ll move and set up elsewhere. What else can they do? They have to live somewhere. If there aren’t services to support people, they are going to improvise. And I can understand wanting to be independent, not rely on shelters or public charity. Even if there were a designated campground for homeless folks, even beautiful Refugio or El Capitan State Parks, with shuttle service to town, I’m sure a lot of people would prefer to be on their own. Can’t control people, mostly just have to deal with the consequences of their behavior. That goes for everyone, not just homeless people!

letmego Nov 21, 2019 10:24 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

The answer is multi-faceted. We need to provide housing and services for those who want help, and can be helped. Continue the regular, relentless cleanups for those who do not want help or cannot be helped. There are rules for living in society. We should not turn our backs on the unfortunate. We cannot force people to follow the rules of society but we can make it difficult for those who don't.

Luvaduck Nov 21, 2019 10:01 AM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

If you put out a bird-feeder, you get lots of birds; if you have cats, you don't. The weather and scenery are a draw to everyone. Not everyone can afford it. How many of "our" homeless are really ours?

NamasteYogi Nov 21, 2019 08:59 PM
Homeless Camp Cleared Near Railroad Tracks

Laws must be enforced and people must go to jail. Allowing people to do drugs and on public streets and not arrest them in the end is only sending them to their death. At least if they are locked up they have a chance to become sober and recuperate their lives when they get out. A large portion of the problem becomes from this county and state not enforcing laws which in the end is the worst thing for those suffering addiction.

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