Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award

Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award title=
Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award
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By the Santa Barbara Unified School District

Franklin Elementary was named one of 19 schools to win the California Exemplary Arts Education Award.

The California Department of Education selected schools that demonstrated an exemplary commitment to providing adequate resources and funding for arts education.

Franklin earned the award by showing it provides a high-quality arts education that is culturally responsive for all students, including English Learners and Special Education students.

“We are honored to be recognized by the California Department of Education. Our relentless focus on student-centered programs and implementation of innovative and relevant high-quality arts education programs has created passion and K-12 pathways for students who excel in this area. We are extremely grateful for our Assistant Principal, Xochitl Tafoya, who has been the leader of these efforts in incorporating the arts into the school day.”  said Principal Casie Killgore.

Franklin Elementary will be honored with the award at the California School Recognition Program Ceremony in Anaheim in February 2023. 

“Congrats to the staff at Franklin Elementary. This faculty and staff work hard to provide a high-quality, equitable arts education for all students, such as the Academia de Folklorico de Franklin. This program is an example of ways to make learning relevant and inclusive,” said Dr. Hilda Maldonado, Superintendent.

La escuela primaria Franklin fue nombrada como una de las 19 escuelas en ganar el Premio de Educación Artística Ejemplar de California.

El Departamento de Educación de California seleccionó escuelas que demostraron un compromiso ejemplar para proporcionar recursos y fondos adecuados para la educación artística.

Franklin ganó el premio al demostrar que brinda una educación artística de alta calidad que es culturalmente receptiva para todos los estudiantes, incluidos los estudiantes que aprenden inglés como segundo idioma y los estudiantes de educación especial.

“Nos sentimos honrados de ser reconocidos por el Departamento de Educación de California. Nuestro enfoque incansable en los programas centrados en los estudiantes y la implementación de programas de educación artística innovadores y relevantes de alta calidad ha creado pasión y caminos de K-12 para los estudiantes que sobresalen en esta área. Estamos extremadamente agradecidos con nuestra subdirectora, Xochitl Tafoya, quien ha sido la líder de estos esfuerzos para incorporar las artes en la jornada escolar”, dijo la directora Casie Killgore.

La escuela primaria Franklin será honrada con el premio en la Ceremonia del Programa de Reconocimiento Escolar de California en Anaheim en febrero de 2023.

“Felicitaciones al personal de la escuela primaria Franklin. El profesorado y el personal trabajan arduamente para brindar una educación artística equitativa y de alta calidad para todos los estudiantes, como la Academia de Folklorico de Franklin. Este programa es un ejemplo de cómo hacer que el aprendizaje sea relevante e inclusivo”, dijo la Dra. Hilda Maldonado, Superintendente.

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SBSand Jan 27, 2023 05:41 PM
Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award

Art Culture and teaching the value of one's roots are extremely important. Franklin and Cleveland, and Harding, have tricky populations with largely low-income, Spanish-speaking homes with parents that work long hours as the norm. Yes, proficiency in English is important, as is math and other topics, and the school staff work hard on that as well. The solution is not simple, the families need to be taught English so that they can help their children, it is a multi-layered issue that is not easily resolved, or it already would be.

That said, personal culture and history are important and I love that these children are being shown the respect that their heritage also deserves.

lovesbalot Jan 27, 2023 05:51 PM
Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award

Monique Limone got an important bill on universal testing through senate but it stalled in assembly
because the teacher's union was against it. This was an important bill because it would have supported a proactive approach to reading and catch students who struggle earlier. Currently many don't get supports until 6th grade when it is too little too late. Franklin School deserves to be celebrated. It has some of the better scores in the district for a students who are struggling and also experience socio economic hardship. Principal Kilgore is a legend, has been there for over 15 years and has created a home environment there. I was lucky to get a tour once and she knows every parent and every students and understands where they need help. Also she had the innovative idea to rehire retired teachers part time. These teachers have a wealth of experience and help some of the struggling readers improve. If the district implemented evidenced based science of reading approach schools like Franklin would get 95% proficiency for 3rd grade. Way to go Franklin for getting this award. Franklin does a lot with very little. Our community needs to realize that schools can't do it alone and our communities need to own the low literacy rates and address them with summer school and other supports. Speaking up and taking action so all students learn to read by end of third. Watch the movie, The Right to Read at SBFF on Feb 11 at 2:40. It is an eye opener on what communities need to be sure is happening in our schools. It is part of a movement that supports 95% of 3rd graders reading proficiently. Also watch Emily Hanford... Sold a story... it explain so much on a podcast. In the meantime let Franklin celebrate their success.

lovesbalot Jan 27, 2023 07:49 PM
Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award

SBSand: I agree with you that teaching value of one's roots are extremely important. But english proficiency is easy if the leadership chooses to used science of reading, intensive interventions, a proactive approach including universal screening , and teacher training. It is about being proactive instead of reactive. Many students who now struggle would be proficient if they got the supports early and were taught in a way that emphasises decoding... breaking a word apart and getting the sound letter correspondence. Reading is not natural and for about 60% it has to be presented in an explicit way focused on phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Our district has clung to a failed approach based on guessing at a word from context called balanced literacy. This approach known as whole language is responsible for why over half can't read at grade level. The good news is 95 % can reach proficiency with a proactive approach that focuses on decoding. I am worried so many of our vulnerable students currently are not getting their needs ment. but I so agree with you on the power of the arts and importants of celebrating cultures and roots. Just need to get evidenced based practices to replace failed approaches.

SBSand Jan 27, 2023 09:15 PM
Franklin Elementary Honored With California Exemplary Arts Education Award

I hope that they can get the help that they need to be able to reach proficiency faster and easier. It's hard when we have a different culture at home than what they are being immersed in at school. It's not a problem that I have skills to help solve but it sounds like you're well-educated about it and I hope, part of the solution. Thank you for such an enlightening post :)

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