Judge Robert G Eckhoff

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The Honorable Robert G Eckhoff, retired Judge of the Santa Maria Municipal Court (fondly referred to as "The Hangman"), passed away on the night of 1/19/2023 at his home in Lincoln, CA. 

Judge Bob was born Aug 28, 1928 in San Francisco, CA. attending local schools participating in basketball and ROTC. With 4years of pre-Med at Cal Berkeley he was called up as an Army Infantry Captain during the Korean War, where he received 2 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars. His injuries derailed his plans to become a neurosurgeon so he attended Hastings Law School and received his Doctorates specializing in Criminal Law. 

His legal resume includes: Former District Attorney of Butte County, started and served as the Public Defender for Santa Barbara County, and in 1975 he was granted his Judicial position in Santa Maria by then Governor, Ronald Reagan. He later served as a Worker's Compensation Judge in Santa Barbara and in Redding. 

While living in Santa Maria he served in the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Elks, VFW and on the YMCA Board of Directors. 

His greatest passion was fishing which he enjoyed until recent health issues. At 94 he would hitch up his 24' pontoon boat by himself and drive over to pick up his fishing buddies to spend the day at an area lake. 

Robert is survived by his wife Lois Frichette Eckhoff of 65 years, his daughter Marilyn Eckhoff Caswell (Kenneth Caswell), daughter-in-law Julie Cox Eckhoff, 4 granddaughters, and 4 great granddaughters. He is preceded in death by his son Bruce Robert Eckhoff (1970-2022).

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SBZZ Jan 23, 2023 07:15 PM
Judge Robert G Eckhoff

Wow, OG. And with all of his volunteering, it looks like he cared for his community.

a-1674531799 Jan 23, 2023 07:43 PM
Judge Robert G Eckhoff

Original Gangster. Yup, I bet he'd love being called that. NOT!

a-1674509264 Jan 23, 2023 01:27 PM
Judge Robert G Eckhoff

Disquieting to note that he was "fondly...referred to as The Hangman." This man kept a gallows on his desk and wore a tie clip with a noose. He packed a gun in chambers. Justice is not the administration of excess punishment and the exaltation of over the top meanness.

a-1674667162 Jan 25, 2023 09:19 AM
Judge Robert G Eckhoff

Can't say I blame a judge for carrying a weapon. The rest? Yikes.

Nuke Jan 23, 2023 03:45 PM
Judge Robert G Eckhoff

Given his service and sacrifice to our country, I believe that he should be allowed some eccentricities.

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