Ty Warner Creates a Montecito Beanie Baby

Ty Warner Creates a Montecito Beanie Baby title=
Ty Warner Creates a Montecito Beanie Baby
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Beanie Baby creator and Montecito business owner Ty Warner created "Cito" a plush-stuffed animal to honor the victims and survivors of the January 9th debris flow.

Cito the Comfort Dog is modeled after the numerous search dogs who helped save lives following the debris flow.

Photo: @805Foodie on Twitter

The stuffed animal was "born" on January 9th with its label stating the following:

If there is a fire or flood
Even if there’s a lot of mud
I will help you find the way
If you are hurting or gone astray.
My Birthday is:
January 9

The stuffed animal made its debut at Jeannine's Bakery and Restaurant in Montecito last month during a street festival to welcome back and support businesses affected by the mudslide.

A limited number of these special Beanie Babies were produced and given to local schools and fundraising events. 

Beanie Babies are very popular with collectors who want rare items and limited editions. As suspected, we found at least one eBay listing of the Cito Beanie Baby starting at $65.00.

Warner is the owner of the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel and the San Ysidro Ranch which are both closed following the mudslide.

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Flicka Mar 13, 2018 10:28 AM
Ty Warner Creates a Montecito Beanie Baby

Since it says above that some were donated to fundraising events likely, at the events, they will take donations for them to add money for their fundraising.

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