Green Changes to State Street Promenade

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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara's State Street Promenade now has a large green stripe down the middle designated for bicyclists. 

From Victoria to Ortega Streets, a 12-foot wide lime green zone is now painted at intersections on State Street between the parklets and outdoor dining tables.

After the City of Santa Barbara received numerous complaints of bicyclists in the Promenade, the green zone is designed to signal where bicyclists can safely ride and where pedestrians shouldn't walk.

Renderings of the idea were presented in January to control traffic and direct bicyclists and pedestrians.

It's unclear if these additions will be permanent, but last week the Santa Barbara City Council unanimously voted to keep the State Street Promenade for another year while expanding outdoor dining and allowing live music.

(Photo: City of Santa Barbara)
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bosco Mar 04, 2021 11:53 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

I don't see how this is going to work unless there are physical barriers along the pathway. State should be pedestrian only. A bike path belongs on a side street like Anacapa and not on State. If we actually had a good network of safe bike paths State street could be a destination people could bike to. But there is no reason to bike on State.

a-1614898623 Mar 04, 2021 02:57 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

It may well cause MORE accidents because bikers will now assume that they no longer need to watch for pedestrians - false sense of security. This is the reason they don't put crosswalks in sometimes, because pedestrians change their behavior and are less cautious due to the false sense of security the crosswalk provides.

Voice of Reason Mar 04, 2021 11:53 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Their intent is great but execution sucks. Ugly, and WAY TO WIDE, it's supposed to be a pedestrian promenade not a bicycle superhighway, it certainly won't encourage bikers to slow down. Why does this need to be so wide, wouldn't the same width as the bike paths works?

Always_Running Mar 04, 2021 12:35 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Santa Barbara said they took their inspiration from 3rd Street Promenade, yet really just copied the concept. Santa Monica removed riding your bike down 3rd since 2015. They now direct all bike traffic to second street, you can park your bike on the promenade. What happens when they remove outdoor dining in 1 year? City Council said plans for the Promenade (that will never happen) will take 3-5 years till construction begins. City’s historical dept will want to be on site for every hole dug.

Pacific Soul Mar 05, 2021 12:08 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Where is the Architectural Design Review Board when you need em? This alone will set you back 5 years in planning. If the City is serious about creating a Destination Event atmosphere" Yes, no bikes, skates, scooters or curbs. City planning needs to go beyond Covid and think about Parades and many of the other attractions that bring locals and others to our city and generate sales for our merchants.

Chip of SB Mar 04, 2021 12:43 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

The green zones look like some kind of mini golf course. In the old days, a great deal of effort was put into making road markings standardized so motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians all knew what to expect wherever they went. It seems the new thinking is to use novel road markings so folks are always a little unsure of how to interpret them.

sacjon Mar 04, 2021 01:33 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Just like there is no reason to drive a car on State, there is no reason to turn it into a massive bike lane. If you are cycling for transportation, use Anacapa or Chapala. Bikes should be WALKED on State only if this is to be a true promenade. We don't need people cycling through a pedestrian area.

GeneralTree Mar 04, 2021 02:28 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Will this take care of the malicious teen bike gangs, aggressive panhandlers, and street gangs? If so I'm all for the green paint.

PitMix Mar 04, 2021 03:29 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

It's supposed to be a promenade, not a freeway lane for bikes. For the kind of bikers that are causing problems, this idea will not work at all. Kids popping out of control wheelies will still be running into pedestrians and other obstacles at random. I bike downtown frequently, and primarily use Anacapa and Bath streets. I don't use State for the same reason I don't use the Cabrillo Beachway- too many obstacles to slow me down.

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:32 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

unless you're not in a hurry, Pit. I like to bike state and have done so for decades and will continue to do so. just walking the bike one or two blocks though. no biggie.

bft4me Mar 04, 2021 04:09 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Considering all the piles of fancy new white bikes that have been made available recently, did anyone believe The City would actually reduce bike access?

420722 Mar 04, 2021 06:13 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Santa Barbara, what are you doing?? Take that bike lane out asap! The bicycle brigade fought and fought to be treated like vehicles and we gave them the right to act as a vehicle. Currently, vehicles cannot drive in or on the state street promenade so why the heck are you giving bicyclists a giant highway essentially giving them state street? You’re calling it a promenade (French for “walking”) yet this will undoubtedly put pedestrians in danger. I encourage you to rethink this and make them take another path for now. I love riding my bike but I’ll survive if I can’t ride on state st for a year.
Also, are we just done with Parades or what?

RHS Mar 04, 2021 06:43 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Local architects have spoken against this idea. I am surprised that I agree with them. The idea that a "pedestrian" mall should now be dominated by a bike lane is absurd. This is the bicycle lobby at work again. Their interests are paramount and they have access to the decision makers in the city. How in equity can a few bike rider be given immense logistical and physical advantage over the rest of us, million dollar pathways for a few hundred recreational and occasional tourists? Bad policy. Give them a place to commute safely but don't give them the heart of the city.

goletadude Mar 04, 2021 06:48 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

I agree with the local architect who said this kind of change should be design-driven and "not engineer-driven, and that there are subtle, more creative ways to manage circulation along State Street"

Can you imagine and consider how hard Santa Barbara’s community has worked to preserve, create and protect the aesthetic appeal downtown, only to be green washed with neon paint like a big rude Trump tweet.

Many of us choose to live here because its a special & beautiful place, and the city also appeared to feel this way til this horrible spillage of paint like graffiti. We did not allow the city engineers to put up many traffic signs and overwhelm with signage and center divider thru down town. Hey, we care about the street-scape throughout the city and I am sure there is a better solution. Sad one responder says "green is the bike lane standard" OMG lets change that standard.. Go to Amsterdam where bikes rule, and you will see tan and off color, as the preferred bike path colors mostly in the land of Van Gogh.

I hope City of Goleta (are you listening Charlie and James?) will see how ugly and awful this makes a street scape and avoid making this horrible mistake on Hollister thru Old Town Goleta. This is not beatification this is entropy. Which means disorder, disarrange, blot in this case.

Keep calm, and bike on, but please tell those who think this is acceptable at the City to return the green paint for a full refund. This is not a good use of tax payer funds.

2contango Mar 04, 2021 07:32 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

So who exactly gave the OK to ruin the aesthetics of State Street and create a high speed bike path down the middle of crowds of wandering pedestrians? The mayor?

Seabird Mar 04, 2021 07:45 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

What the actual... who approved the bike promenade, where pedestrians need to hug the sides and skirt around the parklets to make room for cyclists? Why is the bike lane not along the side? Piss. Poor. Planning.

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:31 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

pedestrians need to what? this is dumb. the side walks are only for pedestrians. the side walks are on both sides of the street. the street lanes each equal 1 sidewalk width or there about. so you tell me, that after decades of cars and trucks driving on those lanes, that you were stuck to hugging the walls on the sidewalks? highly unlikely and a bit of a massive exaggeration. Make room for cyclists? it's a street! you were fine for decades on the sidewalk. no why so high and mighty that you need 4x the space to walk? for what? a bunch of shuttered businesses? that doesn't even make sense.

bft4me Mar 04, 2021 07:59 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

How much teeth will this green paint bare without enforcement?
I was just downtown, and the De la Guerra block was inundated with groups of kids on bikes doing their watch-me-wheelies all over the place while shouting obscenities. This is the current reality. Is The City aware?

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:27 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

thats one group of people. it's a bike club from the west side. id rather them be on bikes than gang banging...but they are jerks in traffic. i watched them tuesday night almost 5 of them get nailed by an SUV...the kids were riding down Cabrillo from SBCC lower lots towards the wharf at 7pm, no headlights. wtf...dumb. these do no represent cyclists. this is one group and more than half of the downtown folks know these guys are dangerous and em Dan'O

Sail380 Mar 05, 2021 10:04 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Amazing how a small percentage of dangerous and reckless people can crate a stereotype. Kind of like all liberals think all conservatives are dangerous and reckless?????????

Always_Running Mar 04, 2021 08:30 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Why haven’t they painted stop signs for the bicyclist. Today I was half way through the intersection by the art museum and two bikers didn’t even stop. Blew my horn and kept going. They NEED to stop at an intersection as the DMV handbook requires. Or bring back timed lights for cars & cyclist/pedestrians

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:25 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

this is a total problem and i too, see it way too often all over town. not just the roadies in their fancy shorts and expensive bikes riding in packs, then there are the wheelie boys (these guys need their bikes taken away...). I've rode BMX and am an avid mountain biker and cyclist. you should ALWAYS stop at a stop sign. even on a skateboard i stop. why? i don't want to be your hood ornament for any amount of time :) i feel they need more cops on bikes again and start ticketing the cyclists that do not follow traffic laws, just as cars and motorcycles have to do

Always_Running Mar 05, 2021 05:11 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Hey Cathy Murillo, looks like you won’t be winning re-election. People don’t seem too pleased with your pandemic recovery plan. Doubt she’ll be holding any public office if/when this ever gets built.

Ahchooo Mar 05, 2021 03:52 PM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

We need a good option other than Cathy, and no, “anyone but Cathy” is not the answer. I want to vote *for* someone who has the skills and energy to be a good mayor.

Hammonds Hound Mar 05, 2021 06:45 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

What is happening to our town? Where are the watchdogs? Why weren’t residents given a voice? Ban bikes. I won’t be going anywhere near this area. Very sad.

Hammonds Hound Mar 05, 2021 06:52 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

Look to Europe for solutions, Germany in particular. Very organized and workable. No bikes allowed for obvious reasons.

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:21 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

lol what? no bikes in germany? ive been several times and lived in berlin. so where in this fantasy land is the germany with no bikes?
also Germany has one of the best modes of public transportation i've ever been on. several in fact. we do not have a fraction of their public transportation. yes there are MANY bicyclists in germany...that's just kind of a weird thing to say man...

buckwheat Mar 05, 2021 08:20 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

The State Street promenade should be for pedestrians only. No bikes and no skateboards. Trying to drive across State Street is challenging because many bicyclists fail to stop when riding down the street even though there are flashing red lights for this at four way intersections.

Grabber Mar 05, 2021 08:34 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

I am a devoted cyclist but this is madness! At the risk of repeating earlier comments, these bike lanes are ugly and out of place in a (supposed) pedestrian promenade. They will encourage some cyclists to ride even faster than they do now and pose greater risk to pedestrians, especially visitors who don’t understand the pattern. Some speeding cyclists will doubtless go flying
into the car traffic that crosses State at several intersections. I foresee some ugly collisions between bikes and walkers, also between bikes and cars. Madness.

ZeroHawk Mar 05, 2021 09:18 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

ok....lets stop responding with what we personally want and respond with what is best for everyone. No, there should not be pedestrian only on that much of space. Bikes can't go on the sidewalks nor can scooters and skateboards. The street is 3x the size of each sidewalk on either side of the street. So you want to try to convince everyone that there isn't enough room for bikes and other modes of transport when we had two lanes of cars and trucks driving up and down it for decades? Think about that and think of the math i just laid out. No it will not be just for pedestrians. That's a massive amount of wasted space and a very self serving mentality. Per the article, peds can be on the side walks AND street, but bikes do need a space to ride. I agree/disagree with the barrier comment, but logic points to that being the best result, albeit it ugly and out of place and bikes would be stuck in said barrier when a cyclist has the right to roam as do peds and skaters. Side walk is only for peds. Street is mixed use. We do NOT have that many people walking around downtown, even on a nice saturday afternoon. To say it should only be for peds is laughable at best. I'm sure you'll pick apart my comment, but i don't care. I'm trying to be as partial as possible. I walk, skate, rollerblade and mountain bike all over downtown daily and nightly.

Voice of Reason Mar 05, 2021 09:35 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

You are right Zero, about thinking what's best for everyone. I don't thing banning bikes outright is possible, especially with the new e-bike share program (screw all you naysayers, visitors to our town love them and it will help them explore downtown beyond the waterfront). Certainly it should all be a slow zone and denser blocks walk your bike only. I do completely disagree with you saying we do NOT have that many people walking around downtown. You may not have been down in the past few weeks but it has been very lively and great to see people back out enjoying their lives.

sacjon Mar 05, 2021 11:23 AM
Green Changes to State Street Promenade

ZERO - Bike most certainly should be allowed there, BUT walking them only. The whole point of the promenade is to have a mellow experience. If you have cyclists using it also as a thoroughfare, it's a recipe for disaster. Again, like there's no reason to drive up and down State, there is no reason for cyclists to use it as a bike lane. Get off the bike, walk and enjoy a slow and mellow few blocks. Mixing bikes and walkers is a disaster - just look at the bike path along the beach. I remember riding along there as a kid laughing at all the fights that would break out. I saw a jogger and cyclists go to full on blows over it!


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