Chick-fil-A Traffic

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Chick-fil-A Traffic
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Photos by Josh B.

New traffic signs installed on Upper State Street in Santa Barbara stating, "Illegal to Block Street Waiting for Drive Thru" and "No Stopping on Sidewalk."

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Curmudgeon Jan 13, 2021 06:30 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

City planners and business architects partially to blame. If a drive thru is anticipated the pickup window should be located at the farthest point away from the driveway entrance thus creating the longest drive thru line possible on a given property. Would not have fully solved this problem, but would have helped considerably.

Paxateur Jan 13, 2021 05:37 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

Will never support a business that aligns itself with fundamentalist evangelical viewpoints that value religiously incited intolerance and hatred. Those of you who do need a mirror that tells you the truth.

a-1610639137 Jan 14, 2021 07:45 AM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

Sometimes a religious experience is the best one, the actually thing that makes it taste better ...Don't eat there if you don't like blessed food and good will --find a place where haters of others and think they are better can eat and grouse. Hey, chickens must be endangered by now and battered? Egad.
Christian make the best servers of good will? Why not join in?

a-1610591914 Jan 13, 2021 06:38 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

6:24 pm - Think for a moment on the idea that if a corporation favored the repression of people who supported bigotry and couldn't construct a valid sentence in English, you might not feel inclined to patronize them.

S.B.Dutchman Jan 13, 2021 05:00 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

The city has very few drive thru windows, This one was built in the late 70's
as a Burger King when there was much less traffic. I have nothing against
the business there now.

Now since this is proving to be a traffic problem on a regular basis, the drive thru permit
should be reviewed. Revamp the layout or eliminate it. No need to close the business.

Or as I said before Start issuing citations, that will make the city more $$ than the tax
the drive thru generates now LOL.

DBD Jan 13, 2021 04:25 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

How much of this issue is due to actual traffic, vs the fact that its chick-fil-a traffic? 10% to 90%?

pstarSR Jan 14, 2021 08:05 AM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

90% chik traffic, waiting on the street for a business is never good for traffic. plus this was never a problem area till they arrived

Sail380 Jan 13, 2021 03:07 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

City should bend over backwards to come up with a better solution. Like Chic-Fil- A or not, shutting down the city's most popular drive through. Putting more people on unemployment wont help anyone.

Babycakes Jan 13, 2021 03:01 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

My brother was following his daughter when she turned right onto State Street from Hitchcock. Oh no, he followed her directly into a line of traffic. Neither my brother nor his daughter had any intention of going to CFA - they simply got caught in traffic for a couple of minutes. Anyone who assumes that all of that traffic is for CFA is misinformed. And to those of you who want to give tickets out so freely, think again as it's not illegal to be stuck in traffic through no fault of your own. I do understand though as CFAs food is awesome for many people (ranked as the #1 restaurant chain in the USA for at least six years in a row).

CS805 Jan 13, 2021 02:50 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

I was pretty sure a similar sign was already there and checking Google Street View, it used to say no waiting for Parking Lot, now it's been no waiting for Drive Through.

PitMix Jan 13, 2021 02:23 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

I rode my bike through there at lunchtime and saw the long line. I ended up behind a cop and thought, they'll tell the people to stop blocking traffic. But no, they just went around like everyone else and kept going. City really loves their tax revenue.

S.B.Dutchman Jan 13, 2021 02:19 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

So, post a cop there with a thick ticket book, people will soon get the message and not block the street.

or better yet, pull the permit for the drive thru....

a-1610835845 Jan 16, 2021 02:24 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

I detest picking favorites. I cannot. But this is so so close:

a-1610835705 Jan 16, 2021 02:21 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

Does "grilling" brisket exist ANYWHERE?! ;-)
No. No, it does not. I like to think Sacjon meant "barbecue" or "smoke" some brisket.

sacjon Jan 13, 2021 02:36 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

Chillingrillin - grill me some brisket and then maybe we can discuss help....

ChillinGrillin Jan 13, 2021 02:23 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

Help SacJon I'm being repressed!

sacjon Jan 13, 2021 02:11 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

CHILLIN - if you're serious here, nice try. But now I'm super curious....

APHRODITE Jan 13, 2021 01:42 PM
Chick-fil-A Traffic

It should be on the store to correct this (or be shut down until they do) because the drivers are not going to obey the sign as they should. Alas, politeness and courtesy would go such a long way--and be appreciated.


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