Three People Hospitalized as COVID-19 Cases Increase to 32

Three People Hospitalized as COVID-19 Cases Increase to 32 title=
Three People Hospitalized as COVID-19 Cases Increase to 32
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Cottage Hospital Emergency Room (Photo: Cottage Hospital)

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County health officials announced an increase in six new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases during a press conference on Thursday afternoon, bringing the total to 32 confirmed cases in the county.

Of the 32 cases, three patients are hospitalized with one of those patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). The remaining 21 patients are recovering at home while 8 have fully recovered.

The new positive cases fall between the 30's-60's age range. Two patients are in Santa Maria, two are in the Santa Ynez Valley, and one is in Lompoc, and on is in Santa Barbara.

  • Case #27—in their 60s and resides in Santa Ynez Valley
  • Case #29—in their 30s and resides in Santa Barbara
  • Case #30—in their 40s and resides in Santa Maria
  • Case #31—in their 30s and resides in Lompoc
  • Case #32—in their 50s and resides in Santa Maria


Dr. Henning Ansorg, Santa Barbara County Public Health Officer, urged the public to practice social distancing the "flatten the curve" so our healthcare system does not get inundated with new patients all at once.

"Only if everybody complies with physical distancing and stay at home orders do we have a chance to accomplish this. I urge you to comply [with social distancing]," said Dr. Ansorg.

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager Jan Koegler confirmed officials are planning for a potential surge of patients. They are identifying areas within Santa Barbara County that could serve as additional medical sites to step down patients who do not require high levels of hospital care. 

In surrounding counties, the numbers continue to climb. On Thursday evening, Ventura County reported 1 death and 61 positive cases with the majority of cases between ages 25 and 64.

In San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, the number of confirmed cases jumped to 54 with four in the hospital, one of those patients being in the intensive care unit (ICU). 

On Tuesday, SLO County officials launched a hotline for residents to report violations of the shelter-in-place order. They stated if a business refuses to comply it may face a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to six months in jail, or both.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown previously stated law enforcement will urge compliance through warnings instead of citations but is not opposed to giving tickets for frequent offenders.

The full press conference will be available here. For more information on COVID-19 resources visit

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biguglystick Mar 27, 2020 10:58 AM
Three People Hospitalized as COVID-19 Cases Increase to 32

PUGLUVR, thank you for your vigilience. We need that right now. Any and all violations should be reported and taken seriously. This is for the greater good. We will get through this, but it's of crucial importance that we all adhere to the rules for a bit. Life WILL return to a state of normalcy after time. Please do report violations. We should have a hotline for it.


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