Who Killed Ollie?

Someone shot and killed a beautiful 2-year-old pet cat named OLLIE, around 4pm on FRIDAY, AUGUST 31st, in the Bel Air Knolls neighborhood of Santa Barbara. The shooting most likely happened in the open area between Bel Air Drive and Crestline Drive but may have happened elsewhere. He was shot at close range by an air pellet rifle (or other type of air gun). Ollie crawled home, injured and bleeding. He collapsed on the floor just inside the door. He was shot in the back. He was unable to survive the bullet that had punctured his lungs and he sadly succumbed to the gunshot wound.

We have reported this horrible crime to authorities and want to warn other neighbors with cats that this has happened. We hope to find out who committed such a heartless, tragic act. We hope somebody knows something… or even may have heard something… or may even know someone who has talked about harming animals. We need ANY AND ALL type of information. There is a $650 reward to anyone who has information that conclusively leads to the identification of the person(s) who did this to fearless Ollie.

Let us try as a community to help them understand how terribly wrong it is to harm a defenseless animal… PLEASE CALL 805-963-1513 or EMAIL: OllieInSB@gmail.com with any information. These are the best and fastest ways to say what you know. All responding people can / will be handled with the highest confidentiality and anonymity.


Written by RockwellBAD

Keys found

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