Start speaking SPANISH right away! – NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKER

Spanish is my native language; I have a vast teaching experience, over 15 years teaching people of all ages.
Develop communication skills to be able to efficiently communicate in real life situations.
Start speaking Spanish right away with a native Spanish speaker.

I apply a student-oriented approach, according to your needs and knowledge, implementing different teaching methods suitable for your best way of learning.
My classes are fun and easy, and very practical!
Let’s have fun and stay motivated to learn.

The main focus of the lessons will be conversation. After the lesson you will receive worksheets and/or exercises to reinforce your knowledge.

Are you considering learning Spanish?
Don’t wait!
Contact me today and let’s start working together.

My lessons are for adults and teens, any level!

User friendly online classes! Mornings only.
Email me, Virginia


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