I took my cat to the Little Dog House to be boarded during the time we were evacuated and then when we were away for Christmas. Without my permission they allowed a ‘staff member’ to take my cat Merlin home on Christmas Eve and the ‘staff’ member lost my cat.

The Little Dog House did not have authority to let someone take my beautiful cat home, and did not at any time ask for permission from me. They also did not contact me when Merlin went missing but instead provided me with an address of the staff member who admitted to loosing the cat.

The house where this supposed ‘staff member’ lives is full of cigarette smoke, animal feces make it impossible to even walk through the house and multiple animals are crammed into rooms.

I am absolultely devastated and don’t know what to do. I’ve contacted the animal shelter to see if Merlin may be there but no word from them.

This is a disgrace that the Little Dog House has allowed this to happen and has made absolutely no effort to find my cat Merlin until I arrived to take him home.


Written by kconte

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