Help Find my Missing Son

Donate today friends , and share this friends and please donate today. Time is urgent my only beloved son, Cary Alexander Lynch since his date of missing, we have good information and need your support, We are looking for a way to reach our goal by the beginning of next week. You know me and my son and we have good solid information on where he might be, and he is alive all we need to locate him, and get a private I and travel some what to get there. Any amount you can give is a generous donation whether it is $25 dollars of $2500 dollars, please I need you, so do all you can. This is my only son and I would help you in the same situation. My kid means everything to me. I have recently survived a bad car accident, and have some encouraging leads, as of May 12th, so please help me.

Click here to support Find a my missing son Cary Lynch organized by Wendy Lynch

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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