Asbestos removal by Santa Barbara’s longest certified contractor

For cost-effective asbestos removals, with lowest costs for highest quality work, call on Pearl Bay.

Removing asbestos tiles, asbestos insulation, or asbestos popcorn ceilings, requires carefully preventing hazardous releases of fibrous asbestos which create significant, long-term health risks.

Fully eliminating these health risks requires an experienced, trustworthy, and properly equipped, certified asbestos removal contractor like Pearl Bay to perform both your asbestos mitigation planning and the actual asbestos removal and abatement process itself.

As Santa Barbara’s longest experienced asbestos mitigation company we efficiently provide the safest and most cost-effective approaches, minimizing your asbestos removal and encapsulation costs

Call 805-966-1480 today for a free asbestos removal cost estimate from a certified asbestos consultant experinced in mitigation project planning, asbestos abatement and removal, and abestos risk analysis.


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