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  • Scanner Reports 10-25-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Subject refusing to pay for a meal, employee refusing to return credit card in the 300 Block of North Milpas street, restaurant."

  • Shoals Fire Fully Contained

    [Update]: Ventura County firefighters have fully contained a brush fire off Highway 101 near La Conchita and Mussel Shoals on Friday evening.

  • Brush Fire at McKinley School

    Roger reports a brush fire behind McKinley School on Loma Alta.

  • Motorcycle and Vehicle Collision on Cliff Drive

    Roger reports a motorcyclist and vehicle collided on Cliff Drive at Loma Alta.

  • 15 Transients on Playground Equipment

    Roger reports 15 transients are on the playground equipment at Vera Cruz Park.

  • Scanner Reports 10-23-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Overdose in the bathroom at 501 Niños Drive, Dwight Murphy's Park. A male is down with another male dragging him."

  • Vehicle and Brush Fire

    Roger reports a vehicle and brush fire in the 500 block of Dolores Drive.

  • Teen Rescued from Mesa Cliff

    [Update]: Firefighters rescued a teenager stuck on a cliff near Oliver Road and Edgewater Way.

  • Traffic Collision on Foothill

    Roger reports a traffic collision with an injury at Foothill and Willowglen Roads.

  • Vehicle Fire on Cathedral Oaks

    Roger reports a vehicle fire on Cathedral Oaks near Highway 154.

  • Traffic Collision on W. Arrellaga

    Roger reports a traffic collision with injuries at W. Arrellaga and Chapala Streets.

  • Scanner Reports 10-21-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Kids at Skaters Point being bullies and blocking in a vehicle, 100 Block of East Cabrillo."

  • Subjects Sleeping in Stolen Vehicle

    Roger reports people are sleeping in a stolen vehicle in the 400 block of W. Islay.

  • Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

    [Update]: The Real Fire is holding at 420 acres with 50% containment, full containment is expected on Tuesday.

  • Vehicle Rollover Near Glen Annie

    Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 northbound near the Glen Annie offramp.

  • Multiple Illegal Camp Fires Along Railroad Tracks

    Roger reports two illegal camp fires along the railroad tracks near S. Calle Chavez. 

  • Vehicle Rollover at Hot Springs

    Roger reports a vehicle rollover on Highway 101 southbound near the Hot Springs Road exit.

  • Child Struck by Vehicle

    Roger reports a child was struck by a vehicle in the 4200 block of Calle Real.

  • Scanner Reports 10-18-19

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Subject yelling at Utility workers in the 500 Block of Milpas Street. That's a crime now too? Not only do they take our power we cannot yell at them?"

  • Pedestrian Struck on Highway onramp

    Roger reports a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Highway 101's Castillo onramp. 

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