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  • Scanner Reports 1-10-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "I have no words for what happened in Montecito, but I have many tears."

  • Active Fires in the Montecito Area

    Roger reports active structure fires on East Mountain Drive.

  • 2 Victims Found Alive Off Padaro

    Roger reports two victims were found alive off Padaro after being washed into a creek.

  • More Rain Coming, Get to Higher Ground

    More rain and flooding is coming on Tuesday, leave now if you're in the debris flow area. If not, shelter in place and avoid driving.

  • Water Rescue in Sycamore Canyon

    Roger reports a water rescue in the 2800 block of Sycamore Canyon.

  • Fire Response on Canon Perdido

    Roger reports a structure fire response on W. Canon Perdido.

  • Pedestrian Struck by Hit and Run Vehicle

    Roger reports a pedestrian was struck by a hit and run vehicle in the 1600 block of Garden Street.

  • Hazardous Condition

    Roger reports a hazardous condition on Roberto Ave.

  • Scanner Reports 1-9-18

    Roger has the scanner reports. "Hopefully we will get a good rain and the crime will cease for a bit."

  • Combative Subject

    Roger reports a combative subject in the back of a Police car.

  • Traffic Collision on Highway 101

    Roger reports a traffic collision on Highway 101 southbound near the Las Positas off ramp.

  • Assault and Battery on E. Haley

    Roger reports an assault and battery in the 100 block of E. Haley.

  • Police Pursuit

    Roger reports a police pursuit on Salinas Street.

  • Robbery on Carpinteria Ave.

    Roger reports a robbery on Carpinteria Ave.

  • Police Chasing Suspects

    Roger reports police are chasing suspects on the westside

  • Police Swarm Stolen RV with Guns Drawn

    Roger reports Santa Barbara Police stopped a stolen RV with guns drawn on the Westside.

  • Dead Body Found Off State Street

    Roger reports a dead body was found in an alley of State Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

  • Armed Robbery on Wentworth

    Roger reports a second armed robbery with a gun in the 700 block of Wentworth.

  • Armed Robbery on Gutierrez

    Roger reports an armed robbery on Gutierrez where the suspect pointed a gun at the victim and demanded money.

  • Transformer Fire

    Roger reports a transformer fire on Carpinteria Ave.

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