Younger By The Days offers masterful holistic wellness therapy and much needed ‘me time’ to Santa Barbara residents

Younger By The Days offers masterful holistic wellness therapy and much needed ‘me time’ to Santa Barbara residents
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By Younger by the Days

People looking for physical strength, mental balance and inner peace turn to healing practitioner Beatrice Appay of Santa Barbara-based Younger By The Days, a recognized authority on how to obtain balance and peace within and for yourself.

A scientist, anatomy expert and experienced professional in her wellness craft, Appay is known for exercising patience, compassion, empathy, kindness and determination in guiding her students and clients.

Passionate about aging well, Appay, a native of France who holds a doctorate from the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, is the founder and president of Younger By The Days. She studied traditional Eastern medicine and learned Ayurvedic health regimens in India, and health and energy cultivation in China. She is now teaching Healing Qigong and works as a holistic health professional, specializing in wellness coaching and therapeutic massage treatments.

“With a background in contemporary human sciences and traditional Eastern medicine, my mission is to help people age well, heal pain, sustain their health and gain strength with cutting-edge self-help methods to thrive in life at any age,” Appay said.

She created her private practice in Santa Barbara, where she has held public events, classes, workshops and retreats aimed at offering necessary “me time” to pandemic-wary residents ready for healing. She supports and guides her clients to overcome their stress, find their best way to regain energy, eat better, sleep better and feel better. She empowers them with knowledge and strategies to enhance their inner fire, nurture their health and well-being so they can enjoy and focus on what matters in their lives.

A lifelong yoga practitioner in France, India, and in the United States, Appay is known for her teaching of Pranayoga and Healing QiGong. These healing arts nurture a tranquil and peaceful inner force many dream of achieving.

Qigong combines conscious breathing with slow and energy-healing physical movements that have an instant pacifying effect on the mind. It is known for its positive effects in decreasing anxiety, pain reduction, sleep improvement, enhanced physical and mental functions, improved balance and fall prevention.
“Qigong is much more than gymnastics or moving meditation. Qigong is one of the six ancient branches of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the art of energy cultivation. I am honored to have received the direct teaching of the renowned Master Mantak Chia. My Qigong teaching certification with Les Temps du Corps in Paris allowed me to practice with Master Ke Wen and a number of Qigong and Tai Chi masters in China.”

Appay is now developing breathwork and breathing therapy, which is at the crossroads of the ancient practices of Qigong, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and of modern knowledge using biofeedback and other scientifically-based breathing practices.

“Moving to the States had serious consequences on me,” Appay said. “I had to renounce practicing acupuncture, a practice that I love so much because of its efficacy and great results. Out of frustration, I suppose, this move led me to create a company, Younger By The Days, start my blog on health and aging well, and open my wellness coaching and holistic health practice.”

Appay is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner from the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute and holds a Massage Therapist Certification from the California Massage Therapy Council.

Appay said the coronavirus pandemic put an abrupt halt to her Holistic Health and Massage Therapy practice, which was seriously impacted by the lock-down and social distancing.
“In response to this crisis, and profoundly inspired and mentored by Wim Hof, the Dutch “Ice Man”, who demonstrates day after day the fundamental role of breathing to boost our immune system, I further developed my approach to Breathwork and Breathing Therapy by creating my signature program PRABAM,” Appay said. “ It consists of online Breathing Master Class sessions.”

By teaching people how to improve their breathing in a conscious and active manner, Appay said the program aims to help people reduce their stress, boost their stamina and bolster their defenses.

Appay’s credentials are impeccable. She has authored eight books and penned numerous articles published in academic journals, with a focus on individual autonomy and centralized control in contemporary societies. She has also been a Visiting Professor at the University of California Los Angeles and University of California Santa Barbara. Her teaching area of expertise includes Healing Qigong, Pranayoga and meditation, cold therapy based on science and breathing therapies. Service areas of expertise include wellness coaching, integrated therapeutic massage with cranio-sacral therapies, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and acupressure treatments.

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