Whole Foods Market Donates Nearly $12,000 From June 22 Net Sales to SEEAG Agricultural Educational Programs

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Whole Foods Market donated 5 percent ($11,776) of its June 22 net sales from three of its stores to Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture (SEEAG). The donation will support the organization’s agricultural education efforts.

The participating Whole Foods stores are in Oxnard, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo.

SEEAG helps young students understand the origins of their food by providing classroom agricultural education and free field trips to farms including SEEAG’s Farm Lab at Petty Ranch in Saticoy.
“We’re honored that Whole Foods Market chose SEEAG as its ‘Community Giving Day’ recipient,” says Mary Maranville SEEAG CEO. “We believe connecting kids to the farming ‘roots,’ so to speak, of their food is crucial. Many school children will benefit from Whole Foods Market’s generosity.”

For more information about SEEAG, visit www.seeag.org.

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