A Visitor-Friendly Guide to the Wines of Santa Barbara County

A Visitor-Friendly Guide to the Wines of Santa Barbara County
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Sipping Santa Barbara: Recommended Wines and Producers is meant to be a practical guide, designed for people who enjoy wine either casually or with great curiosity and vigor.
The most common problem encountered by wine lovers when visiting a new region is how to spend their limited amount of time sifting through all the wines and producers. This is why Charine Tan and Dr Matthew Horkey have created this book, which will provide the pertinent information to maximize a visitor’s time in Santa Barbara County.

Visiting a wine region for the first time is exciting but can also be a daunting experience. It can be challenging to remember and make sense of the appellations, geographical characteristics, soil types, and climate differences.

This book is meant to be an introduction to the wines of Santa Barbara County based on the authors' firsthand experience. Through this book, the readers will be armed with information to get them started on exploring the wines and identify the types of wines that they might enjoy in the county. From there, they’ll be able to branch out on their own and create their personal wine adventure.

What You Will Learn:
- An Introduction to Santa Barbara County: The introduction will include the history, region layout, climatic and geographical features, wine grape varieties planted, and the who’s who.
- Impressions of Wineries: A summary of more than 50 top wineries, house styles, and contact details.
Restaurants and Wine Bars.
- Over 20 recommendations on where to eat and drink.
- Wine Recommendations: Specific producers and wines to try, along with tasting notes

Sipping Santa Barbara: Recommended Wines and Producers will be released next week on http://exoticwinetravel.com/sipping-santa-barbara-recommended-wines-producers. The electronic guidebook retails at $5.99. A complimentary preview is now available for download.

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