The Squire Foundation’s Fall Artist in Residence Program

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Three Dynamic Artists Impact Santa Barbara and Guadalupe, CA October 2017

The Squire Foundation of Santa Barbara is proud to be hosting three artist in residents this October, 2017 as part of the ongoing program to expose world renown artists to the Santa Barbara community: International artist Matt Sesow, National Photographer Lindsey Ross and California artist Sommer Roman.
Matt Sesow is coming to Santa Barbara from Washington DC to paint and continue to expand  his raw, prolific style of colorful expressive art. Sesow states, "Painting is something I do everyday and it is what I intend to do for the rest of my life.  Painting has healed me.  I found painting at the age of 28 after moving to Washington, DC as a cure to the emotional pain I felt from losing my left hand as a child, after being hit by the propeller of a landing airplane in 1975.  My paintings are the emotional response to a traumatic past, the road to healing, and the confidence of finding a new language to express feelings felt but never shared.  While some people see my paintings as angry or aggressive, many of my collectors and fans (including myself), see my work as hopeful, joyous, and eager to take on the world!"
The world has embraced his art as a 2013 a UN postal stamp was released focusing on inspirational artists.  Recently 28 Matt Sesow paintings were acquired as part of the permanent collection at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore
Sesow will be participate in a Squire Artist Salon and his film "Join Hands: The Life and Art of Matt Sesow"  will be screened on Oct. 29th 2-5pm 4515 Via Maria, SB. Sesow's  end of residency exhibition will be Nov.10th 5-8pm as part of the Funk Zone Friday hosted at 
 Silo118  118 Gray Avenue, SB and will be up through Jan. 2018.
Lindsey Ross is a conceptual fine art photographer. While pursuing her MFA Ross became interested in wet plate collodion process when she viewed a collection of early 20th century prisoner mug shots.  Ross began working with wet plate collodion in 2010.  Wet plate collodion process has become the ideal format for Ross, who seeks autonomy and at the same time a sense of connection.  Ross finds freedom in taking raw materials and transforming those into photographs.  The slow pace of collodion requires a presence and intimacy that connects her to both the physical and spiritual world. Working in Colorado and Wyoming Ross makes her home in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara, CA. Ross will be creating images from all over the county capturing them in her unique style. As part of the Squire residency community outreach requirement Ross will be working in North County installing a Mural of an original image of over 20" x 20" onto the historical wall of the former Far Western Tavern Building on Highway 1 in Guadalupe,CA. The photo mural will be made of photo paper and applied with organic wheat paste and should last at least 2 years; the length of the building's capital campaign and future home of the Dunes Center. Ross will be apart of the Oct 29th 2-5pm Squire Artist Salon and she will be screening her short film "Lindsey Ross: A Less Convenient Path."
 Lindsey Ross will exhibit her new work on Nov.10th 5-8pm at La Chambre Photographique, 214 Helena Ave, Funk Zone participating in Funk Zone Friday.
Sommer Roman as a textile artist is  interested in alternative modes of being and thinking and making sense of the world, Using domestic discards and often  used textiles, some supplied from SB's local reuse store Art From Scrap. Roman will be working as a Squire artist  in resident  for part of October joined by her baby and husband. Roman noted that most art residency programs do not allow for spouses and children, so she is thrilled to be able to continue to grow her portfolio of mixed media works of art through the family friendly creative space Squire imbodies.  
Sommer Roman will give an artist talk about her work during the Squire Artist Salon on Oct. 29th 2-5pm at 4515 Via Maria, SB

To apply for the Artist in Residence program or to learn more about The Squire Foundation visit:  and/or email [email protected].org

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