by Luthier - July 15, 2018
You have a nice website. I usually get better local coverage from you than most anyone around here.
by Karen S. - April 26, 2018

Your coverage on Golden State Killer best coverage anywhere--better than anything on t.v.---Thanks

by Two Scoops - March 22, 2018

Your coverage has been fantastic!  Thank you very much.  So much fabulous content, you are appreciated.

by Heather M. - December 20, 2017

Thanks so much! I’m sure your article helped people be aware & brought about the return of our Little Free Library!


by TWOSCOOPS - December 19, 2017

Hi edhat,

We are so proud of you for the brilliant way you’ve kept the Thomas Fire information on Edhat current and beautifully done.  This Thomas Fire, while being awfully dangerous and scary, seems to have brought out the best in all of us!  Nice to see.

Like the first responders, in so many ways you, Edhat, are saving lives.  Sometimes it is the emotional life…by having you there -day and night- as our constant reassurance.

Thank you!

by Mary G. - December 15, 2017

Hi "Ed",

I subscribed as thanks for the excellent fire news coverage. 
Thank you.
by Chris E. - December 6, 2017

I am in Vermont read edhat and wish we had something like that here. You provide information quickly and goings-on people don't normally get to hear about.

by Susan K. - August 3, 2017

I simply cannot go a day without edhat. Thanks for all you do!