Sustainable Menstrual Cup Line Kind Cup Launches Small Cup Size

Sustainable Menstrual Cup Line Kind Cup Launches Small Cup Size
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The California-designed and manufactured Kind Cup now offers a small cup ideal for first-time users

Source: Kind Cup

Today, California-based Kind Cup is releasing its second sustainable menstrual cup product, a small cup designed as an entry-point for younger users and those new to menstrual cups. Like the original Kind Cup, launched in November, 2019, the new small cup is designed and manufactured within two hours of the company’s Carpinteria headquarters. Both cups are built entirely from the highest quality, medical-grade silicone, which means zero fillers and demonstrates Kind Cup’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

Kind Cup’s design is a first among menstrual cups; it is the only one to undergo a 20-point, ergonomic design exercise that optimizes for every facet of the user experience. The stem is longer to make it more accessible to users with a higher cervix or less cup-experience, the cup itself is optimized for easy insertion and removal for those on the go, and comfortable for those with sensitivity. The cup is made of the most flexible, high-quality silicone available; its rim and body is form-fitting so as to exert less pressure while offering an ideal fit for a variety of users. Ultimately, Kind Cup’s patent-pending cups have been designed to provide higher capacity, better prevent leakage and have lower potential for discomfort; all with what is on track to be the lowest carbon footprint, from manufacturing to menstruation. 

Founder Christine Brown, a sixth-generation Carpinterian, designed the Kind Cup for the thousands of cup users she learned were struggling with existing cup options. Upon discovering that menstrual cup design hasn’t changed much since it was invented in the 1930s, she examined every point for device improvement. Bootstrapping the company with savings earned from her time teaching American Sign Language at Ventura College, Christine launched Kind Cup to provide the safest, best-fitting, most-comfortable and most sustainable menstrual cup to as many people as possible. A partnership with Direct Relief, a Goleta-based humanitarian-aid organization, ensures that Kind Cup gets into the hands of as many of those in need as possible through health clinic donations. Concurrent with the company launch in November 2019, Kind Cup donated 15% of inventory to those in need through the organization’s Kind Impact initiative, and plans to scale the number of donations as the brand grows.

“It was important to source the highest quality materials and manufacture our cup, carry bag, and packaging locally so that Kind Cup not only went above industry standards in terms of material quality and sustainability, but did so within as small a footprint as possible so that we as a company practiced environmental sustainability,” Brown shares. “ In this pursuit, I wanted to make sure that our guiding ethos was met every step of the way in creating a product and brand that was truly ‘kind to your body, the earth, and others.’” 

About Kind Cup

Kind Cup aims to revolutionize the menstrual cup industry with an innovative design aimed at comfort, functionality, sustainability, and generosity. A sustainable alternative to single-use pads and tampons, Kind Cup offers an innovative, ergonomic and user-friendly design. Using locally sourced and medical-grade materials, and manufactured in California, Carpinteria-based Kind Cup’s goal is to create a new standard for quality, making the process transparent for customers to trust what they place inside their bodies. Additionally, Kind Cup’s core philosophy is that everyone deserves access to healthy and reliable menstrual products, and partners with local nonprofit Direct Relief to help achieve this goal.

The addition of a smaller cup will now provide users with another option to personalize the cup experience. More information, including where to purchase, can be found at

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