Solvang Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary 1/16/2021

Solvang Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary 1/16/2021
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Source: Solvang Chamber of Commerce

The Solvang Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 100th Anniversary of serving the Danish Village of Solvang U.S.A., on January 16, 2021. The City of Solvang will present the Chamber with a Proclamation recognizing its history and contributions at the Solvang City Council Meeting on January 11, 2021

The Solvang Chamber started life as The Solvang Businessmen’s Association (SBA) which was created 10 years after the town was founded in 1911. The group that met in Dania Hall included A.E. Fauroso, M.L. Baker, H.C. Hansen, T. Austed, Mr. Harsen, Marcus Neilsen, S.H. Lyons, and Mr. Albert Rasmusen. Many of these names continue to be part of Solvang today!

The SBA was founded to encourage tourism, foster industries, assist in agricultural enterprises, to encourage the establishment of new enterprises, and in general to promote the welfare and the interests of the Town of Solvang and the Santa Ynez Valley. Todays’ Chamber of Commerce continues that legacy under the direction of Executive Director Tracy Lavery-Bread and Chamber President Jack Williams.

“it’s such an honor to be the Executive Director of a Chamber that has been working for the businesses and the town of Solvang for 100 years. From its beginnings as a small group of businessmen, the mission remains virtually the same – promote and support Solvang and the greater Santa Ynez Valley.” Said Tracy Lavery-Beard.

“I agree with Tracy, “ says Chamber President Williams. “The Chamber is the ‘go-to’ resource for a wide range of services for Solvang from answering tourist questions to assisting local businesses in acquiring COVID relief grants and loans”

Today, the Solvang Chamber is the clearinghouse for a wide range of services needed by today’s businesses in this fast-moving and challenging environment. Per Director Beard: “We have a four-legged approach. First is Representation where we take local issues to the City, County and State levels. Next is Economic Development to help promote, support, and strengthen business in Solvang. Third is Education to ensure our members and interested others receive information and training on topics that directly affect our Solvang business community. And finally, we provide a wide range of Resources such as being part of the local Economic Development Collaborative and SBA loan center.”

Executive Director Beard closed with “I look forward to 2021 and helping the Chamber, the Town of Solvang, as well as the greater Santa Ynez Valley prosper.”

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