Santa Ynez Author Publishes Debut Novel

Santa Ynez Author Publishes Debut Novel
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The teen heroine of first-time author Diana Story’s new mystical fantasy novel, Maya’s Story – Slipping Between Time And Space, lives in a small town north of San Francisco, but her journey is out of this world.  “As a writer – and reader, myself – I was always fascinated with the characters and plots of the Harry Potter series and other books of that genre,” said Story. “The female lead in my tale is a member of The Sisterhood, a group of extraordinary women who span the globe and whose mission is to keep Planet Earth in balance.” 

The author explained, however, that protecting the Earth’s environment and natural resources is no easy feat. “The female clan has an evil foe, the Dark Menace, who manipulates the planet’s leaders so the population can be controlled through lies and fear. To combat the threatening situation, Maya joins forces with the mystical powers of the constellations and the Patriarch of the Milky Way.”

Story’s entertainment industry, art and metaphysical backgrounds have influenced her ability to be natural storyteller. “The book is essentially good versus evil, but shows the reader that greater unforeseen powers from other dimensions are omnipresent,” the writer revealed.

Available online through, Maya’s Story – Slipping Between Time And Space, has already earned a rave from former entertainment reporter and critic Rona Barrett, who called the book, “A fantasy for all ages. I couldn’t put it down.”

The widow of Ralph Story, veteran television personality, Diana is native of London and now resides in Santa Ynez, California.

Photo: Author Diana Story

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