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Santa Barbara start-up Cognixion announced this week that new upgrades are available to Speakprose Pro+ app featuring eye-tracking and facial recognition that will assist communication for people with speech and motor-function disabilities.

Speakprose Pro+ is used on compatible portable Apple devices and serves to democratize speech between people in the public and private domains. More importantly, the latest upgrades allow people who have been silenced by their circumstances to connect and interact with the rest of the world.

Andreas Forsland, CEO and Co-founder at Cognixion said that while science related to eye-tracking technology has been used with expensive and out-of-reach medical devices for decades, they decided to take on the challenge of bringing AI-powered biometrics to the public to pursue the acceleration and enrichment of human communication and connection. Forsland explains “It’s like a neuro-bionic capability, our technology is so easy and natural to use that it quickly becomes a digital extension of someone’s body and abilities. Like a superpower.”

“Before now, people were left silent and frustrated by the lack of available aides in the marginalized community. We’re working hard to create products that engage these communities with the rest of the world by enabling simple tools that are cost-effective and accessible. These upgrades will bring us one step closer to giving everyone the ability to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven environment. We are using the power of AI and biometrics for the good of humanity,” he adds.

This announcement follows several new product launches this year from the 10 person-startup headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with offices in Toronto, Canada including the company’s Augmented Accessibility Communications (AAC) app, Speakprose, which uses design interfaces with sentence building to enable nonverbal individuals to communicate their intentions.

Cognixion has been ranked at #10 on CB Insights “21 Neurotech Startups to Watch” and CIO Review wrote “Cognixion: Giving AI-Superpowers to Humans with Disabilities”.

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