Santa Barbara Mathematician Cracks Casino Code

Santa Barbara Mathematician Cracks Casino Code
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By Alfiya A. 

The casino world has been a fascinating universe for people all over the globe since the ’70s and ‘80s. Nowadays, the fascination still hasn’t faded, and you can still find movies, songs, and incredible stories about casinos, games like poker, roulette, or baccarat, and even social media accounts dedicated to this type of activity.

Casinos have been around for decades, and they are nowhere near exhaustion, as people enjoy the thrilling games and unique atmosphere just as much as they did ten years ago or thirty years ago.

People have always wondered how much sheer luck and skill count when it comes to gambling, and the truth is that the answer is still debatable. Still, some people have found themselves closer to that truth than others. One good example is an American mathematician who managed to beat games like baccarat and blackjack in well-known Vegas casinos.

Dr. Eliot Jacobson has become very popular in the casino industry due to his extraordinary efforts in cracking casino games and card counting. He is a published author, and his works have been an actual gold standard both for those passionate about the casino industry and those who want to understand mathematics better.   

If you want to know how Eliot Jacobson discovered the weak spots of well-established casinos and also how that relates to online gambling nowadays, we’ve got some insights:

How it all started

Dr. Eliot Jacobson found a passion for games involving probabilities early on. When he was 13 years old, he discovered a slot machine at a casino in Reno, US. His mother allowed him to play, yet this was just the first step in what was to come next. Jacobson grew his passion when he received a Christmas gift that included a blackjack mat, a roulette set, and a slot machine designed for children.

He started to operate his little casino in the neighborhood, where he and the other children played the most loved casino games. Even if he was just a kid, Jacobson started to understand better how each game worked and was soon cashing in all his friends’ pocket money.

His passion for probabilities and mathematics continued in his adolescence and early adulthood. He earned a Ph.D. in mathematics and started teaching, yet he realized something was missing.

The opportunity to meet again with his favorite casino games came relatively quickly, and he began hosting Las Vegas conferences while becoming an advantage player in the real casino world.

What does ‘cracking the code’ really means?

There are multiple methods one can use to try and crack the code of a casino or use advantage play. The most popular is, of course, card counting. Simply put, card counting requires a player to always keep track of the cards that have already been dealt. This way, they could manage to do some mental calculations on which cards could come next.

Another quite popular method is hole carding which refers to catching a glimpse of the cards that are face-down, which is possible when dealers are not very fast or when automatic shufflers are flawed.

Dr. Eliot Jacobson talks in his book and his research not only about methods to beat a particular game but also about the importance of teamwork in applying some of these methods. He also states that many advantage players often choose to work together, maximizing their chances to win big.

Traditional casinos vs. online casinos

Many theories Dr. Eliot Jacobson has come up with apply perfectly to traditional casinos. In fact, there are significant differences between online casinos and physical ones. Some may argue that physical casinos offer the ‘real deal’ or the ‘authentic experience,’ yet the online industry can offer a little bit more than that.

You can find numerous playing options in online casinos, and you can do it from the comfort of your home or anywhere where you can play safely.

Another fantastic advantage of online casinos is that they’re pretty impossible to crack compared to the casinos you’ll find in Eliot Jacobson’s stories.

The technology behind online casinos

Currently, online casinos are safer and offer equal chances for each player. Therefore, the strategies applied by casinos to avoid scammers include complex programs, such as Random Number Generator.

They also offer the best security practices to keep your data safe, meaning a reduced risk of fraud or other types of online scams.

Dr. Eliot Jacobson has incredible theories and amazing stories about cracking casino code and becoming an advantage player. Still, nowadays, technology has brought impressive progress in ensuring fairness for every player; that is why online casinos’ codes could never be cracked.