Santa Barbara Education Foundation Camps Help Students Build STEAM This Summer

Santa Barbara Education Foundation Camps Help Students Build STEAM This Summer
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By Andrew Reynoso for the Santa Barbara Education Foundation

The Santa Barbara Education Foundation is excited to announce that registration is now open for our Summer STEAM Camps! These innovative camps are open to incoming students 6th through 8th grade students, so they have the opportunity to experience a snapshot of what some high school programs have to offer. Here, students explore the fields of Robotics, Coding, Art, and Culinary.

The skills taught to students in these camps can encourage and enable youth to apply to programs such as the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy, the Visual Arts and Design Academy, or one of many culinary programs.

STEAM Camps are a great way to beat summer boredom while keeping students engaged with their education through unique, inspirational, and fun activities.

In “Portraits and Painting,” students will put their skills to the test as the instructor walk them through creating distinctly styled portraits, acrylic painting, and the exploration of color theory along with other artistic concepts. The “Printer’s Camp” is a unique class that focuses on creating stamps and block prints. As they make three different prints, students will experiment with various inks, papers, and backgrounds to expand their creative abilities to extents they could only imagine!

Don’t miss out on our Robotics Camps, which allow students to program and build state-of-the-art robots. Students will also learn how to compose basic coding structures to engage with the robots they are building. With one camp designed for beginners and another for more advanced students, this class is a great way to teach students programming, principles of aerodynamics and further enable them to exercise logic and utilize their critical thinking skills.

One of our newer programs, Cooking 101, is an experience that will teach students new recipes and provide them with the cultural and culinary history of the foods they are creating. The first session of this program will allow students to “Tour the Mediterranean” by teaching them how to make classic favorites like homemade pizza, pasta, and even hummus! We have our “Sweets Week” session for dessert lovers, which teaches students how to make tasty dishes that will satisfy their sweet tooth. Bon Appetit!

The Santa Barbara Education Foundation provides students with these amazing learning opportunities each summer. Scholarships are available. For more information on summer camps and registration, visit

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