Sansum Clinic Upgrades to Electronic Health Record

Sansum Clinic Upgrades to Electronic Health Record
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Source: Sansum Clinic

Sansum Clinic is launching the most significant change to its electronic health record since the digital system was created in 2011. This transformation is aimed at improving and broadening patients’ digital experience to make it easier, more streamlined and more efficient. There will be numerous benefits for all patients, especially the more than 98,000 currently signed up for MyChart, the secure portal that connects patients with their healthcare team and medical information.

“We are committed to embracing the technological solutions that give our patients the services they are looking for,” explains Sean Johnson, Sansum Clinic’s Vice President of Applications and Analytics. ”We hope these new user-friendly features will be a great reason for patients who are not yet on MyChart to sign up.”

Starting March 2, new features will be available, with additional features to be introduced throughout the year. Once the entire upgrade is complete by the year’s end, users will be able to book and cancel appointments online using their mobile phone or their home computer without the assistance of a scheduler.“In the same way you can book a flight online, patients will be able to make their appointments.  We will be piloting online scheduling in primary care and plan to expand across all areas of the clinic throughout the year,” remarked Johnson. “Our goal is for patients to have the freedom to arrange their medical care at a time and location that’s convenient for them.”

With the eCheck-in tool, patients will be able to fill out and verify important information prior to their medical visit. The new Fast Pass feature within MyChart will automatically scan schedules for openings due to cancellations or rescheduled appointments, and alert patients who want to be seen sooner than their calendared visit. Our new online bill pay options will let patients manage balances for new charges, pay co-pays securely online, receive estimates for services and allow for the selection of paperless billing. For questions about care, MyChart will now include expanded customer service messaging on topics like appointments, billing, insurance coverage, medical records and referrals. These upgrades are expected to result in shorter telephone wait times, quicker and wider access to appointments, improved clinical documentation, more accurate billing and decreased claim denials.

Patient privacy is a top priority of this upgrade and patients can be reassured that all of the private health information exchanged within MyChart is completely secure. For example, we have worked closely with security experts to develop solutions where any credit card information will be securely stored in robust third party systems rather than residing on Clinic servers. “Investing in our technological foundation is critical to our mission to care for our community,” adds Johnson. “Because of the generosity of our Board of Trustees and donors, we are able to fund and complete this innovation. While our technology and staff have always been excellent, these new features in our electronic health record help lay the foundation for a truly state-of-the-art experience for our patients.

If you are a Sansum Clinic patient and would like to learn more about the benefits of MyChart, visit  To sign up for MyChart, visit or call the MyChart help desk at (805) 898-3333 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or mention MyChart during your next visit with us.

About Sansum Clinic:

For nearly 100 years, Sansum Clinic has been improving the overall health of its patients by providing the latest innovations in equipment, technology, procedures and treatments. Sansum Clinic is the largest independent nonprofit healthcare organization between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. With more than 270 affiliated physicians across 50 specialties and service lines, Sansum Clinic serves more than 130,000 patients annually at our 22 patient care facilities in Santa Barbara County. To learn more, please visit

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