Last Updated - June 12, 2020

Are there any local farmer's market alternatives for fresh produce in Santa Barbara County? Ventura and Ojai have provided lists of CSA's, farm stands, or pay-in-advance-then-pickup services at local farms.

Last Updated - June 9, 2020

I've heard of local farms selling their items in a subscription box. Can edhat readers recommend a good one that stays local?

Last Updated - June 30, 2020

Any recommendations for a finish carpenter who can repair/replace a cross buck fence?

Last Updated - October 23, 2019

I'm looking for a recommendation for a Food Truck for a non-profit organization event. It's not a huge event - not Lemon Festival or Avo fest size - so it would need to be someone who is ok with that. Thanks!

Last Updated - July 23, 2019

What are some favorite daily specials at local restaurants? Joes Café has some interesting ones, Cuca's has a burrito of the day, there must be others.

Last Updated - August 10, 2018

I am looking for an honest financial advisor who can help me with my retirement savings. I am getting very little in SS and would like the peace of mind to have a knowledgable advisor that could help me, and I could feel comfortable knowing I am in good hands..