Tips to Fix a Deck

By an edhat subscriber

I've been trying to fix my deck, there are mostly nails popping up. Do edhatters have tips or recommendations for who can fix it?

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a-1594250184 Jul 02, 2017 03:40 PM
Tips to Fix a Deck

Take a deep breath. :-) Go to the Edhat home page. Scroll down until you reach Referrals. And Featured Events and Upcoming Events. I agree, I preferred the old version where there were tabs on the left. Similar to a beta reworking of NY Times home page, TOO MUCH scrolling is involved.

Jazzee Jun 29, 2017 09:18 AM
Tips to Fix a Deck

I so hope Edhat's referrals weren't lost.

a-1594250184 Jun 28, 2017 05:37 PM
Tips to Fix a Deck

We had a deck doing the same from dry rot and exposure. If the wood is sound, I would replace any rising nails with longer (and ideally fatter) screws as a stop gap measure. We have a lot of old outdoor construction in our neighborhood (50-80 years), so there's a lot of that going on.

lutra Jun 28, 2017 12:12 PM
Tips to Fix a Deck

Wow, I didn't realize that all the post/comment history from before the conversion was gone! That's disappointing because it was a good resource for local info.

OldMan Jun 28, 2017 10:28 AM
Tips to Fix a Deck

How sad to have lost all of the wonderful links to historical articles and pictures that one used to be able to Google for on Edhat. What a shame. Is there any hope at all that this information will return or is it gone forever?

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