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Does anyone know of a location where an experienced pianist (classical, 10+ years) can get some practice time in?  I just want to play around….I recently moved and had to sell my piano, now my heart and soul aches to play.  Any ideas?  Since we’re on this note (pun intended), can anyone recommend an instructor who does not charge $100 an hour for a lesson?  Thank you!

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Gobbledygook Sep 25, 2017 10:10 AM
Piano Referral

All the semi-public pianos I know of are in schools/universities. You might check at the rec center downtown; there may be a piano in the ballroom and they're generally very nice about letting people sit in rooms that aren't in use. (I used to hang out there while daughter was in ballet class.) Also I've seen a piano in a common room at Wood Glen Hall, a (very friendly) retirement place on Foothill. Some place like that might like to have you come and play. There are lots of retirement communities in SB.

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