Local Parks with BBQs

I'm looking to host a birthday party at one of Santa Barbara's beautiful parks, but I'd like advice from edhatters about which park would be the best fit? It's an adult party and we'd like to BBQ so someplace that has built in BBQs or where we're allowed to bring our own. Tucker's Grove, Shoreline, Rocky Nook? Where do you all recommend?

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Luvaduck Apr 12, 2019 11:37 AM
Local Parks with BBQs

Wherever you go, make sure you clean up like responsible adults. Some people are "comfortable" leaving everything from glitter, paper and broken glass to used diapers. (Not kidding. Some even dump out fire pit residue and risk starting a wildfire.)

Flicka Apr 12, 2019 09:24 AM
Local Parks with BBQs

Do you have to reserve a park site you choose? Maybe check that out as you could pick a spot and get there to find others using it.

420722 Apr 11, 2019 04:02 PM
Local Parks with BBQs

Elings park all the way at the top. Sunsets are awesome from up there.

CS805 Apr 11, 2019 02:50 PM
Local Parks with BBQs

Stowe or Tuckers Grove are wonderful spots for a BBQ,

a-1594611745 Apr 11, 2019 02:26 PM
Local Parks with BBQs

We used to love going to Stevens Park in San Roque. It's next to a creek and off the beaten path. Has bbq's, picnic tables, bathrooms, a grassy area.

Bug Girl Apr 11, 2019 01:59 PM
Local Parks with BBQs

Almost all parks in SB have BBQs. Depending on the size of your gathering, they're all good for different things. If you go to the parks and recs website you can filter your search for what you might want. My personal favorite place (and where I was married) is Skofield - it has many places to explore, many places to BBQ depending on the size of BBQ you want, and it's the only park in town you don't have to apply for a permit to drink beer legally. ;)

letmego Apr 11, 2019 01:22 PM
Local Parks with BBQs

Time of year ? Skofield gets really hot in late summer. I like Tucker's Grove, Shoreline, Elings, Goleta Beach, Leadbettern

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