Divorce Attorney Suggestions

Does anyone have a referral for an affordable and helpful divorce attorney in town?

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a-1593795320 Aug 25, 2017 08:07 AM
Divorce Attorney Suggestions

A great husband and wife team. She is an attorney and he is a therapist. Mediation is definitely the way to go: www.collinsmediation.com

Robinella Aug 25, 2017 07:26 AM
Divorce Attorney Suggestions

I second the recommendation to try mediation to work out the details: it's efficient, confidential, and you can work out more creative solutions than typically available in the legal system. See my website: www.massonmediator.com for info.

Keli J. Aug 25, 2017 06:47 AM
Divorce Attorney Suggestions

The SB Bar association has a moderate means program that helped my friend. Also the courthouse has a family law facilitator that guides you through a do it yourself divorce. It's free, but you'll need to take some classes.

a-1593795320 Aug 24, 2017 12:06 PM
Divorce Attorney Suggestions

Good luck. We were lucky enough to use a do it yourself service. Do some reading (Nolo Press) and see out a mediator if possible. Search santa barbara divorce legal mediators Google local sources. Call local bar assoc. for recommendations. https://sblaw.org/lawyer-referral-service/

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