Recipes Bakery and Jolly Brothers Catering are together at last

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Everyone loves a wedding, especially when it is a marriage involving delicious food like cinnamon rolls (Recipes Bakery) and Jolly Brothers Catering. Yes, it is a foodie’s fairytale.

On November 1, 2019, Recipes Bakery and Jolly Brothers catering joined forces. Recipes Bakery will continue to offer the same delicious Australian coffee with old-fashioned yeast-raised cinnamon rolls, with the added bonus of full service catering for events of any size, all at one location.

Meichelle Arntz, owner of Recipes Bakery and Donald Hardin, owner of Jolly Brothers Catering, first began talking about marrying their two businesses in 2018 when they both had finished a whirlwind holiday season and found that working together offered their customers more choices.

Donald had been serving dessert and brunch items from Recipes Bakery and Meichelle had often referred clients to Jolly Brothers Catering who needed more catering options for their special events.

Meichelle commented, “My customers came back with glowing reviews for Jolly Brothers regarding the delicious food and the ease of working with Donald.” It made perfect sense to come together, so last year the businesses got “engaged.” This month the happy duo, Jolly Brothers Catering and Recipes Bakery have made it official and are finally together at last!
Recipes Bakery & Jolly Brothers Catering
604 Santa Barbara St.
Santa Barbara, CA

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