Recently Launched HR Consulting Firm - The HR Mentor HR Consulting

Recently Launched HR Consulting Firm - The HR Mentor HR Consulting
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According to a study in 2019 conducted by ADP, 70 percent of smaller businesses do not have a dedicated HR team member. This practice exposes them to a myriad of legal ramifications for not following applicable labor laws and regulations, due to lack of knowledge and experience in the field. Lawsuits, fines, and unnecessary mediation sessions can be costly and time consuming.

As a business approaches critical numbers: 11, 15, 50+ employees, The HR Mentor can help increase compliance, lower costs, increase efficiencies, and reduce overall risk.

With over 9 years of combined HR experience in Continuing Care, IT Security, eCommerce, Start-up, and Hospitality Industries, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and a SPHR Certification from HRCI, The HR Mentor can seamlessly offer professional solution-focused expertise gained through experience, academia, training, and expert knowledge of laws and best practices. The HR Mentor can step into almost any situation and provide easy to understand guidance on how to move forward.

Every business can benefit from the skill and expertise of an HR consultant without the cost of paying a full-time salary. With The HR Mentor you get flexible, customized services that can fit your specific needs and goals- there is no one-size fits all model.

Ph: 805-707-2156

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